These celebrity stories will have you lol

Who doesn’t like a little sneak peek into the lives of their favorite celebrities? I guess we all love to read stories and articles about our favorite celebrity, especially funny celebrity gossip, it makes us relate to them! We love to gorge on celebrity magazines and celebrity websites. We follow them on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and on every social media site possible. They are our favorite people, and it would be a true crime if we don’t follow their funny celebrity gossip. Whether true or not, we always look forward to celebrity gossip that somehow makes our dull day bright.

In today’s article, we will share some of the funniest celebrity stories that will have you L-O-L.


What could be funnier than to receive a Rolls Royce on your birthday because you are so drunk to remember who gifted you the car! The supermodel’s sister, Khloe Kardashian has shared this funny celebrity gossip on Jimmy Kimmel Live about how her sister received a Rolls Royce on her birthday from a stranger, and she was like, “What’s the gift? The guy or the car?”

The Best Part of this funny celebrity gossip story is that she was so hungover the next morning that she had forgotten entirely about her gift and was like” Oh, my God. I forgot I got a car last night”.

Indeed, we cannot send direct messages to our favourite celebrity, but a funny celebrity gossip like this is a wild realization that the celebrities are just like us.


This funny celebrity gossip story is surely going to tickle you. It is quite surprising how a major celebrity like Tobe Hooper can become a victim of a hilarious rumor.

Steven Spielberg was the writer and the producer of the horror movie Poltergeist, but he was not the director.

Tobe Hooper was the director of the famous horror movie, but somehow many believed that Steven was the director.  It is quite hilarious that people mistook Steven as the director just because he was very active on the sets.

The rumor was so strong that there was an investigation on the whole issue by the Director Guild of America to find out who the real director was. We will have to ask,” Will the real director please stand up? Or we’re gonna have a problem over here!”. This funny celebrity gossip story is sure to make you lol.


Your favorite celebrity has such a big rumor about her that it would surely leave you in splits. Such a funny celebrity gossip story is nothing unusual in the world of stars.

Name and fame are the core reasons for celebrities becoming victims of such foolish rumors.

But these funny celebrity gossip stories surely add to our daily dose of laughter.

Such a rumor was spread about our hot favorite Jennifer Lopez, that she insured her butt for $27 million.

Such funny celebrity gossip stories also reveal how whimsical our favourite stars can sometimes become to gain fame and popularity.


Ladies surely drool over this favorite celebrity. But the authoritative figure of Jason Statham in the movie Transporter has also been a victim of funny celebrity gossip stories.

The character of Frank Martin is this tough guy in great form who beats the hell out of the bad guys. It is surprising though that the director of the first two parts of the movie portrayed him as gay.

The best part is people even requested the director, Louis Leterrier, to turn him straight. The film had a very good rating, but this funny celebrity gossip is undoubtedly crazy.

Though the director claimed that on re watching the movies, he realized that the character of Frank Martin was not that gay.

But the funny celebrity gossip about the film and our favorite celebrity will surely make us watch the movie again to make sure whether it is a fact or just another funny celebrity gossip story.


Our favourite celebrities are always active on social media through their extravagant and weird gifting ideas. They can also be labelled as “Branded Hashtag” by the paparazzi.

Mariah Carrey and Nick Cannon created a room for their twins which contained all kinds of candies possibly present on earth, think of it as Hogwarts’ candy trolley but from the Muggle world!

Though they did it out of great intentions as wanting to give their kids every bit of sugary happiness, it surely got added to our daily dose of funny celebrity gossip. The best part about funny celebrity gossip stories is that they entertain us thoroughly.

They quench our thirst for knowing the lifestyle of celebrities and how they spend their money. One such funny celebrity gossip story that amuses us is about Russell Brand’s 35th birthday gift by girlfriend Katy Perry. She gifted him a ticket worth $200,000 to Virgin Galactic, Richard Branson’s suborbital spaceflight.

The best part of this funny celebrity gossip is the spaceflight is still in test-flight mode even after so many years. The flight representative had also told E! News that they were excited to have Russell Brand on board.


Many funny celebrity gossip stories are linked to parties and the hilarious incidents that take place in those parties because if our parties are wild, imagine their extravagant parties. Celebrity lifestyles have always attracted social media and paparazzi. The gossip stories of our favorite celebrities spread like wire transfer, really fast.

Celebs and wild parties go hand in hand. Such a funny celebrity gossip story spread like wildfire when Ed Sheeran confirmed that Princess Beatrice had accidentally slashed his face while pretending to offer a knighthood to musician James Blunt.

Although the entire incident was taken light-heatedly and later, Ed Sheeran was offered the MBE or member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire by Prince Charles.  Such funny celebrity gossip stories keep entertaining us for good.


What could be more hilarious than to have a fly named after our favorite celebrity? Yes, the funny celebrity gossip story might seem a rumor, but you will be elated to know that it is a fact.

The best part is that scientists have claimed that the horse fly is the “all-time diva of flies”. It was in 2012 when scientists in Australia discovered a new species of fly and named it ‘Scaptia beyonceae” after the major Beyonce.

You would laugh out loud to hear the reason for naming the insect after Beyonce. The horsefly had

golden hair on its abdomen! These funny celebrity gossip stories add to our daily dose of laughter.


For many children who consider Harry Potter to be a true story-based film, the authoritative figure of Professor Mcgonagall is true to life. Though it may sound hilarious, it is a true funny celebrity gossip story.  The popular British actress has won two Oscars but her role as Professor McGonagall has won millions of hearts.

The funny celebrity gossip revolving around Professor Mcgonagall is when many small children keep asking her “Were you once a cat?”. The actor enjoys the fact that the role gave her recognition, especially among small children. Another funny celebrity gossip story took place with Julia Roberts on the sets of her movie, Larrie Crowne when co-actor Tom Hanks came up with a joke. Julia is fond of knitting and she often did knitting on the sets.

One day, when she entered the sets, all the crew members were knitting to her great surprise. In the beginning, she did not understand the joke and kept giving instructions on perfect knitting. It was later that she understood the joke and loved the

prank played on her.  Such funny celebrity gossip stories are hilarious as well as enjoyable.


It is quite exciting to know what our favorite celebrities own and how extravagant they can be. It would be a true crime if we didn’t share such funny celebrity gossip stories with our readers.

One such extravagant buy is by Mike Tyson, who bought a 24-karat gold bathtub. He bought it for his mansion in Ohio. The gold bathtub was purchased at an estimated cost of $2.2 million.

Our celebrities love to live a life of luxury and fame, and they can go to any extent even if they become

a victim of funny celebrity gossip stories. Lady Gaga is another major celebrity who is afraid of ghosts.

She admitted that she was especially scared of a ghost named Ryan, who keeps haunting her. She spent a huge amount of $50,000 on buying an electromagnetic field meter which is designed to detect ghosts.

You will be further amused to know that Tom Cruise had bought a whole sonogram machine when his wife, Katie Holmes was pregnant. Though it was a grand gesture on Tom’s part, he was a victim of celebrity gossip stories.

These three funny celebrity gossip stories are hilarious and made the celebrities a victim of social media.


According to me, this is the most funny celebrity gossip story ever that Paris Hilton’s dog has his mini-mansion. She spent a whopping $325,000 to build a two-story mansion for her dog! The news is authentic as she admitted it in Curbed.

Our favorite celebrity has decorated the mansion with chandeliers and expensive furniture. The best part is the mansion has a balcony. Same is the case with Nicolas Cage who admitted on CNBC he owns two albino king cobras and an octopus.

The octopus cost him a huge sum of $150,000. The funny celebrity gossip that was heard was he even had an antidote for the king cobra’s venom. What can be more hilarious than the weird lifestyles of our celebrities!


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