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Top 10 lifestyle tips you can’t live without

Have you always envied the people who seem to have their life together? Have you always dreamed of living your best life but did not know where to start from? Even if you read a variety of different lifestyle blogs, you must be willing to make changes to truly learn and grow.   If you [...]

Celebrity news and gossip that will lure you in

Celebrity news and gossip from various sources will lure you into the magical world of your favorite and most talked about celebrities. How about a little gossip session about our favorite celebrities? The lifestyles of our favorite celebrities have always been a topic of interest for most of us. The craze for celebrity news and [...]

How to pick the best outfit from your closet

Woman's closet is her most prized possession, and she can pull out wonders from it when she sets her mind to it. This closet also becomes her biggest nemesis when it is time to decide what to wear. The very first thought that comes to her mind is ' I have nothing to wear!' but [...]

Easy weeknight meals while staying safely at home

The global pandemic has stretched longer than anybody initially anticipated. While the first few weeks of staying home were relaxing and fun, you are now falling back to your old routine and have stopped experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen. Nobody is making the viral Dalgona coffee anymore and not too many people have [...]

Where to find better clothing for less

In today’s fashion blog post, we will talk about finding the best clothing on budget. We all want finer things in life. We love to fill our wardrobes with designer quality clothes. Luxury fashion clothing is something that most of us aspire for, but the price can be a big demotivator. The apparel retail industry [...]

Why do you need to know everything about fashion?

Fashion is not something that is only created by designers. It is something that celebrities and stars emulate. It is something original that gets written in fashion blogs by fashion bloggers and influencers in the digital medium. Fashion is individualistic. Fashion is seen even in our smallest endeavors. We often think that fashion is all [...]

Celebrity news that will leave-your mouth open

As we spend time online browsing over the random digital content, we eventually end up being accustomed to decent dose of entertainment through celebrity news blogs. No matter how weird or idiosyncratic the celebrity news blogs are, we as a community neither question them nor do we bat our eyebrows over their sanity or rationale [...]

How to manage a luxurious lifestyle?

This luxury lifestyle blog talks about getting to that dream luxurious lifestyle, which so many of us aspire for. The fact is that many of us can afford the lifestyle, but lack of know-how or trust keeps us away from getting to it. Time, many say, is the most luxurious thing on Earth. As long [...]

Luxury fashion trends for todays world

Luxury Fashion News from all around the world and statistics collected from various sources point towards a healthy growth of the luxury fashion market. Before we proceed further, let us review some crucial facts and figures to understand how the market is poised at the moment. -> The global luxury fashion brand industry was valued [...]

Find out what celebrity rumours are true!

So, what did your favourite celebrity wear to that much-awaited award show? With whom did she show up? Dang, your favourite couples have broken up, and you need to know why? True, celebrities' lives are always under the spotlight; they are always under the social radar. We want to know every bit of their life, [...]

Are blogs about fashion really necessary

This write-up is for all you lovely and beautiful ladies out there, swiping left on your smartphones, trying to catch up on what's trending in the world of fashion. Blogs about fashion are being hailed by the world as the savior we all need, the solution to all our fashion woes, and rightly so. There [...]

How to stay in shape during the quarantine?

Have the gym closures thrown your workout routine out of whack? Do you find yourself reaching for a chips bag more than your workout gear? If you answered yes to these questions, it is time for you to take charge of your physical health and establish a healthy routine to stay in shape during the [...]