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So, what did your favourite celebrity wear to that much-awaited award show? With whom did she show up? Dang, your favourite couples have broken up, and you need to know why?

True, celebrities’ lives are always under the spotlight; they are always under the social radar. We want to know every bit of their life, from their open life book to their deepest and darkest secrets with a tub of popcorn in hand.

Whether you turn to social media or Daily Mail, you can be served a regular dose of gossips about your favourite stars. That’s what feeds our souls these days.

Celebrity Rumours are everywhere, and we are all ears to take it unprocessed. You will find trillions of celebrity gossips that are served with your morning platter by the internet wackadoodles and Insta fames!

Though we must take the rumour mill with a grain of salt, alas, we dive deep into everything and start to frame a make-belief reality around it. But never mind ya, until and unless it keeps you entertained.

Have you ever thought why we follow the lives of celebrities and put them under the paparazzi scanner? Well, it’s probably because they have something to show off to the world, whether it’s their glitzy and glam life or their unabashedly large disposable income, we can never really get enough of them!

And when celebrity Rumours are served to us by different media, we are so busy grabbing everything that we forget to extract the truth from the gossip.

I am Mister Sarna, and here I bring you a bag full of celebrity Rumours that actually turned out to be true. Exciting already? So, buddies take a plunge into the article and get to know some hot and sizzling celebrity gossip that was true to the core.

Let’s get started!


We have seen it clearly how Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have struggled half of 2020 after stepping out of their Royal shoes.

It’s been a while that news of shutting down the Royal Charity has been in the air, and it has finally come to a conclusion.

So, it is not a rumour anymore, the former Duke and Duchess of Sussex have formally shut down their SussexRoyal and turned it into a new foundation called Archewell (in the name of their firstborn).

The couple had been working on the charity since they moved to Los Angeles with their one-year-old son, Archie.

Though the ex-Royal couple has left all the royalty and luxury behind, they have not decided to give up on bringing hope to people’s lives through charity.


Lavish parties and extravagant summer vacations are what define Kardashians-Jenners, right? And they are in no mood to give up their party-life despite the current pandemic situation.

Kardashians-Jenners have come back to their pre-COVID-19 life and throwing luxurious parties, which are obviously against California’s rule of social distancing.

Recently Khloe Kardashian and Triston Thompson threw a big fat Fourth of July Party, and both Kylie

and Kendall were missing out from the family gathering. Rumour has it that the sisters are having some kind of feud against Triston’s comeback, and as usual it spread like wildfire.

But the reality is quite amazing! Jumping out from the Independence Day party, both the girls were having a gala vacation with their friend Fair Khadra in an isolated desert. Woah! That’s Kardashians.


It’s been a long lit rumour that Arnold had an extramarital affair with his maid during his marriage. Pretty scandalous right? I bet guys it was!

His fans were trying hard to turn it down as a rumour and bring a halt to the accusations. But it turned out to be a truth that Arnold had a secret relationship with Mildred Baena, his maid, for a very long time. Both kept their relationship secret throughout the marriage and even have a son together.

Arnold divorced his wife Maria Shriver back in 2017, and everyone suspected that it was because of Mildred, and it turned out to be actually true.

The couple had dirty fights in the name of Arnold’s affair that eventually lasted in a bitter divorce. Arnold, who was a former California governor, has always remained in the good books of the fans, but one rumour and the stories following it can turn everything upside down.


Yet again in our celebrity Rumours list is the Kardashians. Oh they have always managed to steal the limelight with whatever they do, and they are pretty good with that!

As the uber-popular TV reality show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” is coming to an end with its last season, you might miss Kourtney from the show.

Rumours had it that Kourtney quitted the show because she doesn’t want to work anymore. While digging deep, it was found that Kourtney was fed up with her personal life being severed to the global public. What did she think a reality show could be?

She added, “It became a toxic environment,” and she is no longer willing to continue on the show.

While everyone, including the makers of the reality show, considered that Kourtney is out of love from her work, Kourtney was determined that the show is not fulfilling for her.

Earlier, Kendall Jenner slightly hinted at the Kardashian leaving the show on Ellen DeGeneres Show back in January. Now that we know why Kourtney left the show, we can expect her to concentrate on new interests that actually adds up to her life. You go girl!


Will you believe, if I say that the rough and tough action guy, Frank Martin from Transporter, was actually a gay character? Are you even serious?

Frank Martin’s character, played by Jason Statham, was screaming out loud that he was as straight as he can be. How can he be GAY?

When it comes to the truth, Louis Leterrier, the director, has always imagined Frank as a gay character. Not many people are aware of this revelation as everyone was too busy believing and

fantasizing about the oh-so-straight Frank Martin. Louis’s decision to make Frank a gay character shows today’s modern thinking that roughness or tenderness doesn’t define your sexuality.

As Louis has always picturized Frank as a gay, no one else other than him looked at Frank like that. When the movie franchise got a new director with the third movie, and there were some character changes to be made, Leterrier re-watched all the movies and thought that Frank was not that gay after all.


Oh! Now, there’s some news here! We all know Michael Jackson was talk of the town back then due to his extraordinary surgeries. From his nose job to the sharp jawline, everything was magic of surgeries.

A few years back, a rumour was surrounding Dave Dave due to his bizarre appearance. People said that Michael Jackson was alive and living in disguise as him. Like WHAT?

Even after he died a year after that, people still continued to believe the tabloid gossip, until a

person closed to Dave Dave decided to talk about the issue. When Dave was a kid, his father accidentally threw some kerosene and doused him on the fire, and he had to go through several surgeries just to get his face right. Now that’s a good reason for his uncanny similarities with Michael Jackson.

This was one of the bizarre celebrity Rumours that were alive for quite a few times. Many celeb news websites also twisted and turned the matter to make it appetizing for the readers. The long rumour has finally come to an end after Dave Dave’s death.


Everyone is quite excited about Gigi Hadid’s pregnancy and has been keenly following her after Zayn Malik and Gigi revealed that they are expecting their first child.

Recently British Vogue tweeted that Gigi Hadid was hiding her pregnancy with her disguising techniques, and everyone started to believe that Gigi wasn’t actually interested in showing off her baby bump. They took it up as one of those celebrity Rumours that was going to feed the tabloids for a while.

Gigi came back with a reply that she doesn’t need to disguise something she is really proud of. She added that she is currently focusing on spending time with her family and enjoying the moment, and she would love to share the insights when she is ready.

It seems like the star is already protective for her baby, and unlike other celebrity couples, Gigi and Zayn are not keen to show off their pregnancy.


I guess we should respect that notion and wait for the beautiful baby the two would have in a few months.


Bay as a director is known for his explosive action movies like The Transformers. Many have compared his style of directing with John Frankenheimer. Many have even rumoured that Bay might be a disguised son of John Frankenheimer.

We know Rumours spread like wildfire; you just need to add some fuel. The Manchurian Candidate’s director John Frankenheimer is a legendary director who is still lauded in Hollywood. Everyone knows that Michael Bay was adopted, and he grew up to be a Hollywood director through his skills and dedication.

He has spent nights making out a living from movies, and all his hard work paid off when he started off directing The Transformers series.


Still, the rumour of Bay sharing similarities with Frankenheimer didn’t leave his corner, and he was

constantly nudged on this matter.

It was one of the spiciest celebrity Rumours of all time. There was another spice story that popped up, which said that Frankenheimer, back in his days, had a one-night stand with Bay’s mother, and he can turn out to be his real father.

It was quite a lot to take, but people didn’t give up on creating stories. It took a gene test and a formal confirmation from Frankenheimer himself to prove otherwise. So, yes, Michael Bay has not inherited some quality gene from his alleged father, he has earned all the reputation with his skills and dedication.

Summing Up!!!!

Ahh! A long ride, huh? But I guess it was totally worth it!

Knowing what you heard was true is indeed a sense of accomplishment and learning some unheard truth is like winning a treasure trove.

Celebrities are living a life beyond our imagination with all the royalty, millions of fans, and simply a world of glamour to be envied of. From the shocking to the most ridiculous, we take in celebrity Rumours as it comes in. Read more Hollywood gossip going around world

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