Everything you need to know about luxury

The purpose of this luxury blog today is to clear the haze associated with the ‘Luxury’ word.
So, what is the first thing that you think of when you hear ‘Gucci’, ‘Louis Vuitton’, ‘Chanel’, ‘Rolex’ or ‘Dior’?

These are five brands that are perceived to be luxury brands, not only in developed nations like the US, but globally.
In a research conducted by Luxe Digital to list out the world’s most sought 15 luxury brands online, these five held the top ranks.

So, is luxury something to do with only fashion, clothes, accessories, and garments? Or, does it entail other products too? You would have noticed that of the top five brands mentioned here, four are into fashion goods while one, Rolex, is into watches.

The world global luxury goods market is estimated to touch $445 Billion in the next five years. More than 60% of the market share is held by these five labels.


The dictionary meaning of the word focuses on abundance; on pleasures that you cannot be repeated on a routine basis; on sumptuous living that is not at all necessary in life but adds value to our comforts.

There is an old definition of luxury and a contemporary one. The former is all about affluence and expensive items. It is about what the ultra-rich can afford, like having their chartered planes in the sky.


The modern meaning of the word has undergone a phenomenal transformation. Today, for many, luxury is about an experience. It is experimentation.
It need not be uber costly or elegant; it is more about being unique and exclusive. It is anything that makes you feel special. The term has come to reflect an idiosyncratic relevance.

For example, for some, luxury living is about living close to nature – choosing a minimalist lifestyle and going for things that are ethical, fair, and kind- going back to their roots!

In the end, ‘luxury’ is an exclusive concept that only you can define – for the sake of this fashion blog– as:

  • Something that makes you feel extraordinary. A status symbol, maybe.
  • Something that is not predictable.
  • Something that is not necessarily a sign of affluence or opulence.
  • Something handmade or hand-tailored.
  • Something that denotes the pinnacle of quality.
  • Something that values the environment.
  • Something that helps in keeping native traditions and values alive.

Let us now see a few segments that have been conventionally associated with luxury and hold a great deal of significance for Millennials and Boomers.


This is one of the most popular segments that get associated with luxury. This is undoubtedly a brand-driven industry.

The entire gamut of luxury fashion has been spearheaded by fashion and jewellery brands that are continuously targeting Millennials and boomers. It goes without a doubt that owning a Gucci or a Louis Vuitton product is a status symbol.

The fabric quality, make, texture, branding, personalized engagements, the consistent approach to create a unique brand perception; are all efforts that make a brand a luxury label.


In the luxury fashion trends for today’s world, your go-to brands should be:

  •  Gucci for designer sneakers; the brand is in no mood to compromise on its top rank. It is the king at the moment. Try the T-shirts, wallets, and sunglasses too from the brand.
  •  Louis Vuitton – the first choice for women handbags, clutches, wallets, and tote bags.
  • Chanel – has impressive videos and storytelling endeavours on social media to inspire Millennials and Boomers. Handbags, watches, tote bags, clutches, ties, sneakers, and fragrances are aspirational luxury items from the brand.
  • Rolex – Exquisitely-made watches for men and women – prized possessions for a lifetime!
  •  Christian Dior – has a lovely range of perfumes, handbags, sunglasses, and sneakers that add value to your wardrobe.


Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz – names that are synonymous with luxury cars!
Luxury vehicles are equipped with smart and advanced technology, luxury interiors, and have lavish features that focus on safety, genuine parts, and performance.

The top luxury cars that denote exclusive status symbol are

  1. Tesla Model 3
  2. Rolls Royce Ghost
  3. Lexus ES
  4. Mercedes-Benz-C-Class
  5. Mercedes-Benz-E-Class
  6. BMW 3 Series
  7. BMW 5 Series
  8. Infiniti Q50 sedan
  9. Audi A4
  10. BMW 4 Series
  11. Acura TLX

The other luxury carriers include private yacht and chartered jets. In the domain of public transportation too, some carriers promise luxurious travel – for example, Hainan and Singapore Airlines are known for enriching and luxurious experiences.


Luxury brands are known to offer supreme product and service quality. Ownership of an item from such a brand gives you a sense of pride. It denotes a status. It is something that people aspire to have in life.

Luxury brands ensure that the physical look and feel of the item is of a higher level – unmatched, unparalleled, and unique! Yes, the prices are very high, but that is the pinch of salt that you need to bear for the premium make, a soul-touching good experience, and exceptional quality.


Also, remember that these brands infuse artisan craftsmanship and manufacturing, helping traditions to pass from generation to generation. For example, in 2014, LVHM, the company that owns Louis Vuitton, opened an institute to nurture skills of artisans in shoemaking, jewellery, and textiles.

And the promise of a lifetime!

Fashion and accessories, automobiles, hotels and resorts, travel, tourism, dining, real estate, FMCGs, and white goods are all sectors that have their share of luxury brands offering significant advantages to their customers.


The luxury market in the US, and the world over, is predominately run as per the tastes of the millennial crowd. This is Generation Y, who is typically aged between 23 years to 38 years.

As per a report from Deloitte, 99 million millennials were responsible for defining the fate of the luxury goods market in 2018. The report also points out that these young ones are trendier and, hence, more likely to try luxuriousness as an essential part of their experiential journey.

The niche market is being driven by instances like in-store experiences that help the customer to feel special and distinct, paving the way for a luxury experience.

Brands now drive their luxuriousness and opulence not only through the price tag but embedded value-driven approach, loyalty rewards, and personalization (half of the conscious customers today are expecting bespoke products and services).

The luxury market is high on customer service too and demands heightened engagement from the brand.


One important aspect of luxury offerings has been the merger of ideas. A good example is that of the Master Series from Louis Vuitton and Jeff Koons, where unusual, unexpected, and exclusive events or experiences are hosted to engage customers.

These are the big brands that are getting creative – hosting private dinners with designers or launching a philanthropic event. Anything that makes the customer feel acknowledged, respected, different, unique, and involved!



It is quite clear that luxury is not only about opulence and wealth.

It is an experience that takes you to a completely different level.

The path could be varied, but the journey should be unmatched and exceptional.

One crucial aspect of luxuriousness is that it does cost a lot of money – a factor that makes it unattainable and inspiring, both at the same time.

These are the ways to lower your luxury premium.

1. Replica luxury version or buying second-hand

The growth and the rise of the replica designer market, and also the second-hand luxury product market can be attributed to this quest that we customers experience – to go out and get ourselves a luxurious product.

If it is beyond your means, it is better to accept the situation and move on to finding an avant-garde replica product. Many such manufacturers offer the exact look-and-feel of premium products, that even a trained eye will not be able to tell the difference.

Similarly, there are online and physical stores where you get good deals for second-hand products.

And the prices of these versions are substantially lower than the original products. They are usually durable and good for everyday use.

The challenge of buying such products is that while it looks good on the exterior, it may never really satisfy your inner aspirations.

Replica luxury version or buying second-hand

2. Splurge Once A Year

This would need lots and lots of planning and saving. It requires you to re-look at your financial condition and then make a strategized attempt to save up for the big buy.

With online stores offering handsome discounts, special offers, and promotional deals being announced by the big brands at their physical stores, there is a great opportunity that can be capitalized to buy that amazing Audi or the impeccable Louis Vuitton handbag.

The entire journey is going to be marked by your sacrifices and compromises. Then, there is detailed planning that you need to do.

The pride of owning a luxury product at the end of the journey is going to be awesome and out-of-this-world.

It is also going to be one of your prized possessions forever – maybe even passed onto your daughters and nieces eventually – becoming synonymous with family status symbol – to be flaunted at parties and events!


Luxuriousness is your perspective of a good or service. It is also about distinct brands that the world admires for their excellence in quality and services. There is a lot more to luxury that has been unsaid. The essence, however, has been captured in this fashion blog.

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Top 5 fashion tips you can’t live without

As a part of our fashion blogging series, we bring you here, the top five fashion tips to look your best, every day.

Fashion, in common perception, is about clothes. That’s a myth though! It involves not only your outfit but also your accessories, footwear, makeup, hairstyle, and the overall image that you portray.

It is how you present yourself, the way you are styled for the day.
The style tips shared here will mainly focus on the best advices from the field of style and fashion. We will attempt to cover all niches that fall within the fashion purview, offering you some amazing tips on everyday wear.


The fashion industry is booming like never before and is expected to grow at a rate of 6.2% this year.The leaders in these sectors are primarily the US and China that have the biggest markets for apparel.

  1. The global fashion industry is valued at USD 3,000 billion.
  2. The Menswear industry is valued at USD 402 billion and Womenswear at USD 621 billion this simply proves that women are buying more where fashion is concerned!
  3. Kidswear market is valued at USD 186 billion.
  4.  As far as segments are concerned, Sports and Bridal wear occupy the two highest positions. Sport is valued at USD 90.4 billion, and bridal wear at USD 57 billion.

Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LVMH) is the leading fashion company in the world. This is a French luxury conglomerate. The brand not only represents high-luxury fashion but also offers high-end lifestyle products.

US-based Nike is the second largest company in the global fashion industry. And Spanish-based Inditex is the third-largest company worldwide (these rankings are based on data from 2017).

H&M, Adidas, and ZARA are other popular names in the luxury domain.


If you search the internet, you will get a plethora of style tips and fashion trends on different aspects of fashion – clothing, makeup, footwear, accessories, and more. We look at the top five tips in all of these segments.

Clothes have always been a basic necessity for the civilized world. As technology developed, however, newer techniques, fabrics, designs, colors, formats, shapes, and sizes made their appearances.

You will surely have a few garments in your wardrobe that you tend to reach out to time-and-again! This is because they make you look great. Period!

There is no other reason probably – it’s just that intuitive connection that you have with these garments. You feel comfortable and self-assured when you wear them.

Check brands with their own fashion line and see which of their products match your personality and taste.

These are the top five tips in selecting smart and stylish wears.extremely stylish and fashionable.


Denim is Always in Fashion

There is nothing like a pair of jeans. Why? Because these are highest on the comfort quotient and suit on most occasions!

Choose a denim style that defines you – skinny, tight, flared, high waist, low waist, boot cut, and more. Also, make sure that you pick a style and color that offers you maximum comfort and accentuates your legs.

When matched with elegant tees, tops, or shirts, denims make you look


The White Shirt is a Perfect Choice

The linen shirt-styled dress or a simple white-colored shirt or a Tee; keep one of these handy. White is a blend of simplicity and sophistication. It is versatile and can be matched with any bottoms.

For example, the linen dress is one that can pull you through any day. Keep it starch-pressed always. Not in the mood to wear anything else – simply pull this one out and wear to work, or, play.

Immaculately Stitched Blazer

Have that one blazer in your wardrobe – that can be matched with any outfit and raise the bar. Ensure that it has the quality to change the look of any outfit that you are wearing.

Be it casual or formal, the blazer is the companion for a perfect outfit. It also acts as your last-minute savior, so keeps it handy, always!

Legging Trend

It could be any but keep one in your wardrobe to match with the white shirt and the blazer. Check the legging trend before buying one!

It makes your appearance more formal and sophisticated. Make sure that the tailoring and the cuts are neatly done. Wear it with a solid colored top and amp up your ensemble.

Thumb-rule – ensure that the fitting is perfect and emphasizes your legs and hips well.

A Dress That Fits You like your skin

  1. Perfect for all occasions is a black dress, of length that is comfortable for you.
  2. If black is not the color for you, then buy your favorite hue. Keep it bold, and keep it tight.

  3. With multiple choices in colors, styles, shapes, and patterns, make sure that the styled outfit clearly labels your fashion statement.

  4. We recommend black because it brings in a classic, timeless look. Check out your top style icons and, after thorough research, incest in a classy dress.


When it comes to accessories, the game’s rule is that these need to complement your attire well and match with your skin tone.
Accessories infuse a liveliness and subtle elegance to your style. Have some of the choicest picks that go with all kinds of dresses and outfits.
The top five picks to create your unique style include:

A Fine Timepiece

An elegant piece of the wristwatch is no more about timekeeping. It is glamorous, can change your entire look and leave memorable impressions.
Go for a design technique that has a calming effect on your eyes and other senses.
Keep it small or bold or big, contemporary or conservative. But, have that one timepiece that you can wear every day and to every occasion, with ease and confidence.

A Ring

A married woman often flaunts her wedding ring. It looks good, and it is priceless, undoubtedly.
Whether married or single, keep one or two simple-looking gold or silver rings as universal wear. Diamond-studded rings are fine as they look extremely chic and sophisticated.
Artificial pieces or crystals look charming too. There are endless choices. Check the next fashion accessory and buy a ring that goes well with your personality.
Choose any item but do it tastefully so that it can add tones of elegance to your look.


The Purse or The Handbag

A handbag or purse is a necessity for women, for they love to carry their prized little possessions around.
There are a plethora of choices, pick those that gives you an incomparably edgy look.

An Irresistible Piece of Earrings

Well, can you really forget that pair of earrings out of your look for the day?
Not really.

This style piece is an add-on. It defines the shape of your face and plays a significant role in your daily look.
Choose a make, a style, a shape, that you can carry with confidence!

Ornate Beading

If you love things classic and vintage, invest in a finely sculpted ornate beading piece.Wear it as a neck-piece, hair band, or a wristband. Choose one that can be your go-to- option anytime!


Our top tips for your face and skin tone are:

A Foundation for Everyday

Keep a foundation handy for it is one thing that will help conceal the undesired spots on your face. Make sure that the tone complements your skin color.

Apply with a Flat Brush

Just a few minutes devoted to perfecting your makeup, and you are ready for the day.

Use a Highlighter if You Are Going Out for the Evening

The photos will come out awesome.

Choose an Eye shadow That Matches Your Skin Color

Go for the mascara to accentuate your eyes and eyelids better.

For Your Lips, Use a Lip Liner for Natural-Looking Lips

Never forget the lipstick that can make your lips look brilliant. It could be matte or slick. Remember to choose a color that makes you look cool and chic.

Keep a Moisturizer Handy

Keep your skin adequately moisturized throughout the day for keeping your favorite look intact. Ensure that your gait and look match perfectly.



One of the top style icons is what you wear on your feet. Our top tips:


The best thing is that you can pair the chucks with any kind of dress – casual or formal. They keep your feet and fingers warm. Perfect for all weather conditions!


Every lady needs to have at least a pair of these in her closet. If you can carry yourself well in them, you are lucky. Have a nude and a black pair ready for use.


These are big confidence boosters.

A Pair of Sneakers

Your style is never complete if your fashion does not have sneakers in it.
Go in for a white-colored pair. They are great for your self-esteem and confidence. You can wear these with any type of dress or rock a casual look.

A Pair of Flats

There could be nothing more comfortable and always-in-style than flats. Flats go with all kinds of dresses and are perfect for all occasions.

Ankle Boots

These are one of the most stylish pairs that you can have in your wardrobe. They can take your confidence to an entirely new level!

The boots match perfectly with a dress, jeans, trousers, and a cocktail dress.


To become a style icon, you need to do things that become trend-setters. Of course, the difference has to be done with style and taste.

Make sure:

1. That you wear what fits you well; it should not be too tight and not too loose. Make sure that the tailoring and the fitting are perfect with your body type.

  1. That you wear the right undergarments – should not be too loose or bulging, or too tight and uncomfortable.
  2. To wear colors and tones that emphasizes your skin tone. It could be bright or subtle or contrasting, but you should feel your best in these colors.

  3. To wear dresses that become an extension of your personality and nature. Everything should be in harmony.

  4. Whatever be the mood, irrespective of what you are feeling, always dress to kill!

  5. Yes, that is an old adage, but it is still true to date.

  6. Get up every day, and dress as if you are going to meet your worst critic. When you think this way, your dress code will definitely be the best.



Fashion is individualistic; you own your fashion statement. How you portray yourself is your choice.

We have shared here the best five tips to look and feel great. We attempt to bring to you the most up-to-date fashion tips that give you an edge over others through our fashion blogging series.

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Top 10 lifestyle tips you can’t live without

Have you always envied the people who seem to have their life together? Have you always dreamed of living your best life but did not know where to start from? Even if you read a variety of different lifestyle blogs, you must be willing to make changes to truly learn and grow.


If you have been stuck in a rut and want to turn your life around, read on to know how small changes can impact your life. But remember, there are no secret shortcuts to leading a happy and healthy lifestyle. If you want to get more from life, you have to put in the efforts to change your habits.


But first things first, to make changes to your existing habits, you need to ask yourself some difficult questions.  Why do you want to change your lifestyle? Why is the current lifestyle not suitable to you anymore? Once you have the answer to your Why’s, it will be much easier for you to make the necessary changes and adopt some new healthy habits. Here are 10 lifestyle tips that you can’t live without if you want to make a switch. Follow these tips and you will soon be on your way to living the life you have always dreamed of. Good luck!


 EAT A HEALTHY DIETThe phrase ‘You are what you eat’ has been around for years, and rightfully so. The food you eat not only affects your weight and your body but also plays a massive role in your mood, your sleeping patterns, stress and mental health (more on that later!), and your overall well-being.


Alcohol and foods that are processed have high refined sugar content and low nutritional value that contribute very little to your health and consuming these food items in large quantities can give rise to significant health problems down the road.


It is okay to have such foods and “cheat meals” in moderation as long as you eat a nutritious and healthy diet at least 80% of the time.


Include green leafy vegetables, fruits, and sufficient protein in your diet every day to keep your mind and body at its peak performance levels.


FOOD LABELSNow that you are on a quest to change your lifestyle by eating healthy foods, you might find yourself visiting the ‘healthy food items’ aisle more often. But are you sure you understand these health foods correctly?


The energy bar you just picked up from the shelf says, “NO ADDED SUGARS”, so it has to be healthy, right? Wrong! Food manufacturing companies use misleading claims on the front of food packaging to lure people into believing they are making healthier choices, but the truth lies in the food labels on the back.


Do not blindly buy an item because it claims to be healthy; do your research. Pay close attention to the first three or four ingredients in the list since they make up the majority of the food product. If you see ingredients like different types of sugars or hydrogenated oils, you can rest assured the product is far from healthy. Look for whole foods and natural ingredients. 


But wait, there is one other fundamental reason why you should be reading food labels. Even healthy foods have calories listed according to serving size, and most people tend to overlook this crucial detail. You could be eating double or even more of the recommended serving size but tracking your calories based on the one serving size listed on the packaging. Take your time to understand food labels and use the information to make better choices, and this often-neglected step will be a significant stepping-stone into your new healthy lifestyle.


INCORPORATE EXERCISING EVERY DAYPeople often tend to associate exercising with losing weight, but physical activity has many more benefits than just seeing the number on the scale drop. It reduces the risk of heart diseases, helps your joints, increases your energy levels, improves sleep quality, and also improves your mood and mental health. Even though changing your lifestyle does not just mean making changes to your physical health, but you must get into the habit of exercising If you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


And do not worry, you do not need to sweat it out for hours at the gym, just 30-45 minutes of exercise 4-5 times a week is enough to get started. And remember, just because all of your friends started going to the new CrossFit center down the street, does not mean you have to join them as well. If yoga is more your thing, find a yoga studio that you like. If you enjoy dancing, join a dance class. Do what you enjoy and you will have fun while staying fit.

4. Floss daily

Didn’t see this one coming, did you? This is the last tip we have for you that talks about your physical health, we promise.


Oral hygiene is a classic example of an important yet overlooked part of a healthy lifestyle. And in that, most people tend never to floss their teeth! Flossing is important to remove those tiny food particles that are stuck in places your toothbrush can’t reach.


If left unattended, these food particles give rise to bacteria that can cause oral problems ranging from bad breath to cavities and rotten teeth. Hello scary root canals! Make it a point to floss at least once every day, if not more, and save yourself from the sharp and shooting toothaches and a hefty dentist’s bill.


GRATITUDE AND RECORD GOOD MEMORIESDo you often find yourself dwelling over what went wrong but fail to appreciate all the small but good memories you make every single day?


If this sounds like you, it is time for you to start practicing gratitude and maintaining a happiness journal. Take out 5 minutes every day to note down one thing you are grateful for or one good memory you want to remember from the day.


This small practice will help you have a more positive outlook towards life, express gratitude, be thankful, and improve your overall mood. And that’s not all, and you will have your own collection of good memories to look back on at the end of every month or year!


HAPPY PLACEIn this busy and chaotic world, you must take some time out for yourself and go to your happy place. And no, we are not talking about packing up and going to the mountains, though if you can do that every week or two, that would be pretty amazing!


Your happy place is anything that calms you down, helps you relax and recharge, and makes you happy. Different people have different happy places. Some like to cuddle with their pets while reading a book while some like to go on a long hike by themselves with some good music. Your happy place is whatever you want it to be. Just remember to check-in and spend some time there every week.


REDUCE STRESS LEVELSWhether you are stressed about events in your personal or professional life, high-stress levels can affect your mind and your body in more ways than one.


If you are always under stress, you will start to see it affect your body in the forms of sudden weight gain or loss,  insomnia, frequent headaches, loss of hair, body aches, an upset digestive tract, and more. Stress also plays a huge role in several mental health issues like anxiety and depression.


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is impossible if you have high-stress levels. Find ways to unwind at the end of every day to relax and calm your mind before you go to bed. If needed, seek expert help for your stress and stress-related health issues.


GET ENOUGH SLEEPEven though sleep requirements depend on your age, studies have shown that most people need anywhere between seven to nine hours of undisturbed sleep every night.


Pulling an occasional all-nighter might not seem like a lot, but if you regularly get insufficient sleep, you are putting yourself at an increased risk of a host of health problems.


Lack of sleep also affects your stress levels, and you already learned how increased stress could affect you negatively. So make sure you do not indulge in any activities that affect your sleep.


Avoid consuming caffeine after 4 PM, switch off all screens at least an hour before bed; make sure your room has a comfortable temperature that is conducive to sleep, and make any little changes you need, to get a good night’s rest.


DIGITAL DETOXRegardless of what you do, you are probably always surrounded by devices – phones, laptops, tablets, and so much more. These devices help us stay connected with each other and the outside world, but this ease of availability also brings with it added stress, anxiety, and the constant FOMO!


The blue lights emitted from these devices also disrupt your sleep cycles. And that’s not all, being glued to your devices makes you miss out on the life around you, your hobbies, your family and friends, and just living in the moment. So pick one day every week and go on a digital detox; ditch the devices for a day, and enjoy in the real world!


HEALTHY HABITSEven though they are a great place to start, just adopting these nine habits will not automatically ensure a healthy lifestyle. You have to make little adjustments wherever possible and adopt healthy habits to start noticing the change.


Take the stairs instead of the elevator, soak in some sunshine every day, read books and listen to podcasts to keep learning something new, spend time with people who add value to your life, and do more of what makes you happy. Keep learning and re-learning to find out what works best for you and fits into your idea of a healthy lifestyle.


Remember, learning a new habit is just like learning a new skill, and it will take time for you and your body to adapt to these changes. Do not expect to wake up one day with a new and improved life. These things do not happen overnight. Keep making these habits a part of your daily routine until they become second nature to you. Before you know it, you would have re-wired your brain to perform these simple tasks without giving it much thought.


If you found these lifestyle tips helpful and would like more tips, hacks, recipes, and tips on how to have a healthier lifestyle, subscribe to our lifestyle blog!

How to stay in shape during the quarantine?

Have the gym closures thrown your workout routine out of whack? Do you find yourself reaching for a chips bag more than your workout gear? If you answered yes to these questions, it is time for you to take charge of your physical health and establish a healthy routine to stay in shape during the quarantine.


Now, more than ever, it is crucial for you to take care of your body, diet and workouts, as they are the vital keys to maintaining your physical health. With gyms and fitness centers shut, you might be finding it difficult to motivate yourself to get in your daily workout. And once you stop working out, your mind convinces you to have the extra slice of cake. You tell yourself that you will make up for it once the gyms reopen. And if you are like most people, you probably do not have exercise equipment at home which makes it even more difficult to workout.


But regardless of your fitness levels, there are a lot of different ways in which you can stay in shape and be fit during the quarantine. You do not need any fancy exercise equipment or an elaborate workout routine to stay active and healthy. Just follow these six simple tips to come out of the quarantine with a healthy body and mind.


Lifting heavy weights at your favorite fitness center is not a possibility right now, so the next best thing you can do to get your daily workouts right is – bodyweight exercises, cardio sessions, Yoga, pilates, etc. You do not need a lot of exercise equipment to get a good and intense workout, using your body is enough to give you a good burn.

Simple things like walking around the house, dancing for an hour, or jumping rope are great options to replace your cardio sessions.

If you prefer a more intense workout, try High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) or Tabata workouts. There are hundreds of videos on YouTube and various fitness apps that you can browse through to find one that suits your current fitness levels

Want to add some more strength training to your body weight exercises? Try muscle specific workouts like push ups, pull ups, squats, lunges, etc. to work on isolated body parts. You can also choose workouts to build your core strength

Still not sure if this is your workout style? Don’t worry; there are more options to try. Yoga is another great form of exercise that can help you improve your flexibility while also increasing strength.  Also, you can try Pilates; it is a low impact workout that helps you tone your muscles and build your stamina.

And just because you do not have fancy exercise equipment at home does not mean you can’t get creative with objects around the house. If you are bored of just doing body weight exercises, use filled water bottles in place of dumbbells or carry a backpack full of your heaviest books, heavy pots, laundry detergents, small pieces of furniture – the possibilities are endless.

You can also invest in simple exercise equipment and accessories like a yoga mat and inexpensive resistance bands to help you out during this time. Experiment with different household objects and build your own mini gym at home.


GO OUTDOORS ALONEGoing on a walk or a run, riding a bicycle, or going on a solo hike are great ways to get in some sunshine and fresh air while getting your workout done. Avoid engaging in team sports and group activities until it is safe to do so.


Practice social distancing when outside and take all precautions to protect yourself and those around you when you are in a public place. Once you are back home from your workout, do not forget to wash and sanitize your hands and any other objects like your phone, keys, and water bottles that you might have carried with you outside.


In this quarantine time, doing these safe outdoor activities would give you a boost and will make you feel positive and refreshed.


what you eatYour workout is only one small part of your overall physical health; your diet makes up for a major chunk of your fitness and health. Now is a great time to be mindful of what you eat every day and give your body nutritious food.


Try to reduce your intake of processed junk foods and alcohol. Make sure you consume proteins and vegetables in every meal. It is okay to enjoy a chocolate bar occasionally. You can also treat yourself with your favorite pizza once in a while, but do not turn your cheat meal into cheat weeks.


Focus on giving your body the right nutrition it needs to stay healthy.Eat foods rich in antioxidants it will help you increase your immunity. Whether you are a vegan, eat meat, or have different dietary restrictions, use this time to understand your body and how different foods affect you not just physically but how they also impact your mood and productivity levels.


Learn to cook healthier alternativesfor your favorite dishes from restaurants and indulge in low-calorie and sugar-free homemade desserts. Plan your meals in advance, so you do not have to resort to grabbing the nearest pack of cookies when hunger strikes.


Meal planning and prepping help you stay organized, keep track of your calories and the different nutrients you are consuming. Even if you do not plan your meals, having a general idea of what the week ahead looks like will make it easier for you to avoid cheat meals.


stay active throughout the dayThe 45-minute workout you did in the morning is going to do little to your overall health if you spend the rest of the day on your couch or your desk. You are probably sitting more than you did before the quarantine. This means that you are also probably hunched over your desk or slouched in bed. And then you wonder why your back is always hurting!


Since your overall activity levels have reduced, you need to find ways to keep moving throughout the day to keep your metabolism rates high and your body working efficiently. Tight muscles can reduce the mobility in your joints and having a full range of motion in your joints is extremely important to prevent injuries.


For every hour, you sit at your desk, walk around the house for five minutes. After every couple of hours, try out some simple stretches for your back, neck, and shoulders to counteract all the slouching you have been doing. If possible, invest in a standing desk and work standing up for as long as you can. Even if you cannot get a standing desk, you can create your own by simply stacking up a few old boxes or heavy books on your desk.


Watch an episode of Netflix or listen to your favorite audiobook or podcast while walking around the house. These simple tasks might seem simple, but they work like charm.


enough sleep at nightWhen it comes to staying in shape, food and exercise are often what most people tend to focus on. But did you know that your sleep also plays a huge role in your physical health?

Regardless of how much you exercise, if you do not give your body enough time to rest and recover, you will not see the results of your hard work. When you sleep, your body gets to work. Your body works on repairing the micro-tears that are created in your muscles during the workouts. This is crucial to prevent fatigue and muscle injury.


That’s not all, lack of sleep can lead to an increase in your cortisol levels – your stress hormones. High cortisol levels are responsible for those sweet and salty food cravings you get throughout the day. Your appetite is also elevated when your cortisol levels are high, which is why you find yourself eating more than you usually would on the days you are stressed.

To prevent all of this from happening, you should aim to get anywhere between seven to nine hours of uninterrupted sleep every night. By sacrificing your sleep for that one extra episode of your favorite show, you are not only putting your next day’s mood and productivity at risk but are also sabotaging your fitness progress and making it tougher for yourself to reach your goals.

Establish a calming nighttime routine that signals your brain that it is soon time to shut down and go to bed. Put away your devices, put on some calm music if you like, read a book, and help your mind unwind before you sleep. Some people also find it helpful to meditate or do some light stretches before bed. Do whatever you need to do to ensure a good night’s rest.


stree about the scaleWhether you are trying to lose weight or gain muscle and bulk up, the scale is a good tool to track your progress. But remember, the number on the scale is no way an absolute measure of your hard work and dedication. And while you are living through a pandemic, how much you weigh should be the last thing on your mind.


While it is okay to occasionally check your weight to keep track, do not let the number on the scale affect your mood. Your body is probably going through a lot of changes now that your activity levels have changed. Thus, instead of focusing on how your body could have changed if you had access to a fitness center, be grateful and thankful that you are safe and healthy. Your weight loss or muscle gaining goals can wait. Use this time to build a healthy relationship with your body and the scale and use the weighing scale only as a guiding tool.


While it is okay to be overwhelmed with everything that is happening around the world, do not let these unprecedented times stop you from taking care of your body. Give your body some extra TLC and make these six tips a part of your daily routine during the quarantine. If you want more such tips and fun activities that you can do while you are at home, follow our lifestyle blog. From DIY projects to easy recipes, we have everything you will ever need to stay healthy, fit, and entertained at home. So, what are you waiting for?[/vc_column_text]

Easy weeknight meals while staying safely at home

The global pandemic has stretched longer than anybody initially anticipated. While the first few weeks of staying home were relaxing and fun, you are now falling back to your old routine and have stopped experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen. Nobody is making the viral Dalgona coffee anymore and not too many people have continued baking their bread.


Even though there have been some relaxations with dining in and take-outs, social distancing and self-quarantining probably made you stay put at home for most of the week. Though stocking up on frozen food and getting your favorite burger delivered home is easy and convenient, you need to start consuming more whole foods that are healthy and nutritious.


Now, do not worry, eating healthy does not have to be tedious or time-consuming. Here are four quick and easy recipes for you to try when you are bored of microwaving frozen pizzas and chicken.


CHICKEN NOODLE SOUPLow incalories, nutritious, and incredibly delicious, this easy-to-make chicken noodle soup will become your favorite comfort food on chilly nights.

This chicken soup is also a quick way to devour some of the fresh veggies!

This chicken soup recipe will take around 45 – 60 mins from start to finish, depending on if you are using a store-bought broth or making your own from scratch.

Using skinless and boneless thighs speeds up the cooking time without compromising on taste, perfect for when you want to whip up something yummy without putting in too much time.

So, let’s get started.
You will need (for 3 servings):

Olive oil or butter – 1 tablespoon

Garlic – 2 cloves, minced

Onion – 1 medium, chopped

Carrot – 1 large, chopped

Celery – 1 stalk, chopped

Skinless, boneless chicken thighs – 2 to 3

Chicken broth – 4 cups (when using store-bought, look for healthier low-sodium options)

Egg noodles – 2 to 3 ounces

Dried thyme – ½ teaspoon

Fresh parsley – 2 tablespoon, chopped

Lemon – 1 (optional)

Salt and pepper – as per taste


a. Add the olive oil or butter in a large pot on medium heat. Wait till the butter melts or the oil heats up.
b. To this, add onion, carrots, and celery and stir every few minutes. Cook for 5 minutes or till the vegetables start to become soft.
c. Add the garlic and thyme. Keep stirring till the garlic starts to turn golden brown.
d. Add the broth to the pot and bring the heat to low. After cooking it for a few more minutes, taste the broth and add salt and pepper as required.
e. Next, add the chicken thighs to the broth and make sure the chicken pieces are completely covered and submerged. Cover the pot with a lid and cook for around 15-20 minutes. Stir occasionally.
f. You can add more broth or water to the pot if needed.
g. Once the chicken pieces are cooked, remove them from the broth and place them in another dish. Add the noodles to the pot and cook until they are done.
h. In the meantime, shred the chicken pieces or cut them to smaller chunks or cubes and add them back to the pot once your noodles are cooked.
i. Perform a final taste test and add any additional seasoning if required. You can also add a dash of lemon for some acidic flavor.
j. Garnish with parsley and your yummy & nutritious chicken noodle soup is ready!
The chicken noodle soup is best served hot and with a side dish of garlic bread or crackers.


SWEET POTATO FRIESAh! Fries, so addictive, but so unhealthy. Deep-fried and loaded with salt, the fries from your favorite fast-food joint have a big NO written all over them.

But don’t worry, you do not have to give up eating fries entirely, you only have to make a simple swap. The next time you are craving some crunchy fries, give these sweet potato fries a try.
These sweet potato “fries” are baked to perfection and will soon replace all your other side dishes. And the best part, it takes under 30 minutes to make them. These crunchy and delicious sweet potato fries are going to check off all your boxes.
You will need (for 2 side servings):

Sweet potatoes – 2 medium

Sea salt or kosher salt – ½ to 1 teaspoon

Cornstarch – 2 teaspoon

Olive oil – 1 tablespoon

Seasonings (optional) – pepper, garlic powder, dried herbs – as per taste


a. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit and line your baking tray with parchment paper. Spray some non-stick cooking oil on the parchment paper so that your fries do not stick to the sheet.

b. Wash and peel the sweet potatoes and cut them into thin French-fry like pieces. Try to keep all your pieces as similarly sized as possible, about ¼ inch thick usually works best. This will help them bake evenly.

c. Transfer the fries on your baking tray and spread them across the sheet. Do not overcrowd the fries on the tray or they will not turn out crispy.

d. Sprinkle the sweet potato fries with cornstarch and salt. You can also use regular table salt if you do not have sea salt or kosher salt at home. Toss the fries so that all of them are evenly coated.

e. Drizzle the olive oil over the fries and toss once more.

f. Check to make sure there are no clumps of salt on any of the fries and that the fries themselves do not stick on the sheet.

g. Bake the fries for 15 to 20 minutes or until they turn crispy. You can check if your fries are done by noticing their color and texture. The shiny surface of the sweet potatoes should turn matte and slightly golden brown on the edges.

h. Carefully remove the fries from the oven and sprinkle your favorite seasonings on top. Toss your fries around one last time and voila! Your delicious, crispy, and healthy sweet potato fries are ready for you to devour.

i. Serve with ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, or any condiment of your choice.


GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICHIf you thought grilled cheese sandwiches were just for kids’ lunch, you thought wrong!

Whether you are short on time or would rather just watch Netflix without worrying about dinner too much, this revamped grilled cheese sandwich will tickle your taste buds with its sweet and savory delights.

Bring back your childhood memories with this new and improved grilled cheese sandwich with a French toast twist!

You will need(for 2 servings):

Bread – 4 slices

Cheddar cheese – 4 slices

Ham – 2 slices (optional)

Eggs – 3 large

Milk – ¼ cup

Salt – ½ teaspoon

Dijon mustard – 1 teaspoon

Sugar – 1 teaspoon

Black pepper – 1 teaspoon

Butter – 1 tablespoon


a. In a big bowl, whisk together the eggs, milk, salt, sugar, pepper, and Dijon mustard till they are mixed Make sure it has a runny consistency with no lumps.

b. On a plate, stack one slice of bread, one slice of cheddar cheese, one slice of ham, another slice of cheddar cheese, and close the sandwich with another bread. Repeat with the remaining slices of bread, ham, and cheddar cheese.

c. You can also use any other deli meat or cheese slice if you prefer.

d. Heat a non-stick pan on medium heat and add butter when the pan is heated. Lower the heat to let the butter melt without burning.

e. Dip one of your sandwiches into the egg mixture till both sides are sufficiently coated.

f. Transfer this egg-coated sandwich to the pan and cook till the bread becomes brown and crispy. Flip over and repeat on the other side.

g. Once both bread have browned as per your liking and the cheese is melted & gooey, remove from pan and cut into half to serve.

h. Enjoy with a side of the delicious sweet potato fries from the previous recipe!


LEMON LINGUINESometimes, the simplest recipes are the ones that turn out the best, and this pasta dish guarantees just that.

Easy to make with very little ingredients, this lemon linguine pasta will leave you wanting more.

You can also substitute the linguine with any long-cut pasta like fettuccine or spaghetti if you like.

You can even add more veggies like roasted tomatoes, broccoli, and mushrooms if you want to increase your veggie intake for the day.
This pasta dish is perfect for experimenting, so go ahead and add your own spin to the recipe and have fun.


You will need(for 2 servings):


Olive oil – 1 tablespoon

Garlic – 1 clove, minced

Linguine pasta – 6 ounces

Shredded mozzarella or parmesan cheese – 3 ounces

Baby spinach – 1.5 cups

Lemon – 1

Thyme – 1 tablespoon

Basil – ½ cup

Sea salt or kosher salt and pepper – as per taste


a. In a pot, heat the olive oil. Once the oil has heated, add garlic, lemon juice, and some sea salt or kosher salt. Add shredded cheese and whisk together to make a rich and creamy sauce.

b. Use another pot to prepare the pasta. Check the cooking instructions on the pasta package and follow the directions to cook till the pasta is al dente (chewy but firm). Do not throw away the pasta water just yet.

c. While the pasta is cooking, grate the zest from the lemon into a bowl, and squeeze the juice into the cheese sauce.

d. Transfer the hot pasta and ¼ cup of the pasta water into the pot with the cheese sauce. Stir everything together till the pasta strands are evenly coated with the sauce.

e. Toss in the baby spinach or use any other greens as per your likings, such as arugula or watercress. Add basil leaves and some more lemon if you like an extra tangy flavor.

f. Serve on a plate and season with thyme. Your delicious pasta is ready in just about 20 minutes!

g. Feeling fancy? Add some chopped hazelnuts and pine nuts on your pasta for some extra flavor and crunch.


If you loved these simple weeknight meals, you would love the other recipes we have in store for you. From easy desserts to quick low-calorie snacks, you will find it all in the recipe section of our blog. So, what are you waiting for? Subscribe to our blog and have fun cooking these delicious recipes for yourself and your loved ones.

How to wear elegant dresses like zoe sugg

Do you follow Zoe Sugg when checking out the latest fashion trends topping the charts? Zoe Elizabeth Sugg is UK-born and is famous for her elegant dresses and beauty vlogs. She is also known as Zoe Sugg or Zoella, after her well-known YouTube username.

In 2014, Zoe launched her very own brand called Zoella Beauty that was hailed as the ‘biggest beauty launch of the year.’ In 2009, she started her blog called Zoella, which spoke expressively about beauty and fashion. She also has a Christmas gifting range called Zoella Lifestyle.

All this time, she was working for New Look, a UK-based clothing brand. Her blog and YouTube channel became so popular that she received more than 540 million visits to her social media accounts in the next six years.

Today, she is a YouTube sensation and is considered to be one of the most influential persons in the virtual world. Being one of the pioneers in the social media influencers’ world, she has partnered with some of the worlds’ popular beauty brands.

Zoe Sugg’s rise to fame has been attributed to her originality of content. She featured her daily routine to mention her shopping favorites and makeup tutorials, and vlog series.

Zoella Beauty was an overnight hit, breaking all records where almost all her beauty items were instant successes. Today, she has more than 16 million YouTube subscribers, 12.6 million Twitter followers with a record view of an Instagram feed by over 9 million.

Zoe also launched the Sugg Life- a line of merchandise with her brother. The items were all sold out within 25 minutes of hitting the stands because of their following on social media.


There is more to Zoe Sugg’s rise to stardom. Zoe has worked hard to cultivate a clean, relatable image for herself amongst her followers.

She has created a niche for herself in every domain that she has blogged and vlogged on. So, be it her taste of cakes or pieces of advice on outfits, every aspect has helped strengthen her persona.

Zoe has annual earnings of more than £ 177.3K each year – no mean achievement for a 30-year old. Her choice of clothes, fashion, and outfit selection tips, and her beauty vlogging has since become a rule book for other beauty bloggers.

Zoe has been vocal about her preference for fashion and choicest elegant dresses.

In this fashion blog, we will find out more about the iconic style statement of Zoe that has been creating ripples amongest her followers ever since.

Here are a few of Zoe’s style files that she carries with her inimitable vibe and elegance.

1. The retro denim jumper

Highly inspired by Rachel’s dressing style from the Friends series, Zoe loves to dress in the oversized jumper that is a characteristic of the nostalgic 90s. Zoe claims that she emulated Rachel’s style even as a teenager.

What she loves about Rachel’s dressing style is the comfort quotient of the outfits. She simply loves the character’s formal, stylized clothes and quite often refers to different forms of her favorite character from the Friends series.

2. Love for leopard prints

Zoe Sugg loves animal prints. She matches her leopard-printed skirt very well with a bold red color top. The color is one of her favorites too.

Her advice is to match the skirt with your preferred color top to create a bold style statement. Zoe’s style stakes – combine the attire with some oversized necklace and unruly curls to complete the look.

3. The classic jeans with a black-buckled belt

Zoe pairs up the vintage jeans with a black belt, boots, and white shirts. Zoe feels this is one of the most comfortable and timeless elegant dresses in a woman’s wardrobe.

This is one elegant dresses that will never go out of fashion. The ‘girl next door image’ is something that Zoe has practiced and loves because she appreciates easy-going things.


So, Zoe has about 37 videos dedicated to beauty and fashion. Most of them have been able to garner great attention from her followers because she keeps her style basic and yet so pleasingly attractive.

Check out her elegant dresses choices!

Go-to accessories cosmetics – Zoe keeps her looks and style simple yet elegant ! It is never overly complicated. She is rather quite grounded. Her favorite accessories are her cosmetics that you can see almost in all her videos. She is never seen without her fake lashes, eye shadows, foundation, blusher, and bronzer.

Tortoiseshell glasses – In many of Zoe’s Instagram pictures, you will find her wearing a sleek pair of tortoise glasses from Michael Kors that gives her an extra edge.

Black headbandOff for a trek or a casual jog in the morning, she uses ablack headbandto keep her hair in place and keep the sweat out of her eye.

Velvet headband– One of the cool hair accessories, the velvet band is a chic addition to your style, adding instant sophistication to your looks. Zoe Sugg also adds this polished piece of hair accessory to create her elegant iteration to parties and holidays.

Baker boy styled hat- This is paired well by Zoe in an Insta post where she goes in for a minimalist look with a white knit shirt with ripped jeans.

Wristwatch – Zoe loves her Michael Kors watch that is affordable and relatable. Though her hands are bare most of the time, you get a glimpse of the watch once in a while in her vlogs.

Sash waist Zoe experiments with silk and chiffon to make a sash across her thin waist. This one merely looks great with a strapless gown that reflects the volume of the upper half of the body and accentuates the bottom’s slimness. This is quite a flattering piece of accessory in your wardrobe for sure.

Earrings – Zoe’s Instagram posts show her suggesting the gold-plated hoop earrings and the gold star hanging earrings to add oomph and heat to her looks, for sure.

Wardrobe pieces

Basic and simplistic choices – Her favorite cloth brands are H&M, Topshop, and ASOS. You will mostly see her in a normal Tee matched with denim. She is not into the starry looks or dressy kinds.

One aspect of most of her videos is that you find her in plain colored tees. You will catch her mostly in striped tees or a simple top matched with her jeans.

Short sleeves– Most of Zoe’s tees have two things: theshort sleevesand the stripes. It adds a unique casualness to your look. When fitted well with your upper arms, it can take your look to a different level.

Strap tops– When Zoe started to make videos in her home on her everyday life, she was only 11 years old and dressed in a cool spaghetti strap top. But even as an adolescent, she could give any grown-up a run for their money – she could carry herself so confidently.

Sultry colors – In one of her Instagram posts where she is on Brighton beach with her mom next to her, Zoe Sugg is dressed in brightly colored yellow culottes combined well with a monochrome striped t-shirt. The picture got more than 4 million likes as her followers stamp her endearing hot style.

Peter Pan Collars – These are a big yes with Zoe. She looks too cute, just like a school kid. The top reflects an honest, no-nonsense, and pretension-less outlook that makes it a fashionable choice!

Culotte-style trousers – This is one of her favorite collections. A close inspection of her Instagram posts shows her dressed in these pairs quite too often.

The midi polka dot dress from ASOS worn by Zoe for another of her Instagram shots is impeccable. It is again quite basic and casual but looks exceptionally endearing. It highlights her cute girlish smile and laughs!

In a post on Instagram, Zoe appears in a leopard-printed jumper and looks incredible. Her nonchalance comes off well in the picture where she pairs the jumper with acid-wash jeans and a faux-fur trimmed leather coat.

Autumn Wardrobe

Zoe puts a lot of work in deciding her autumn wardrobe. The polo neck or the turtle-neck dress is versatile and looks great, is economical, and practical wear and has a retro element to it too.

Match it in style with a pair of cropped pants that are also one of Zoe’s favorites. The wide-legged and high-waisted culottes have a cropped cut below the knees or just above the ankle that looks extremely elegant.

The best part is that you can extend this bottom for the winters too. The look is completed with a pair of nice-looking boots and a tight-fitting jacket!

For the jacket, Zoe loves to go in for her oversized overcoats. This one’s a classic and perennial choice of fashionistas for ages now. It is suitable for all sizes and body shapes. And there is more room at the hips that make it extremely comfortable.

Another top pick for Zoe’s autumn dress style is the Grey jumper from Gucci. With a colorful painted Gucci logo front, Zoe pairs her informal look with oversized glasses to spice up her looks.

Fashionable Shoes

Fashionable shoes – Zoe mostly wears simple, minimalistic flats when moving out, but once in a while, you get to see her in floral boots that make her look gorgeous.

Zoe loves to walk in the park, wearing a pair of casual flats that make her simple look carefree and quite stylish.

Strappy heels– Besides the simple flats and the floral shoes that make her look uber chic, Zoe also loves to dress up in strappy heels often to add more curvature to her lumbar region. It surely makes her look wow, and it can do the same for you too.

Zoe Sugg is undoubtedly a superwoman. She has carved an unbeaten niche for herself in the international fashion space. We have covered her ubiquitous range of dressing styles and choices that keep her childish glee and charm intact.


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Living a luxury lifestyle on a budget

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you read these two words – a luxury lifestyle? The high-flying lifestyle of millionaires, billionaires, or Hollywood stars!

A private charter jet, a high-end yacht, an expensive business class ticket on Singapore Airlines, a high-end Rolex watch, Gucci sneakers, a Louis Vuitton handbag, dining in the most expensive restaurant, or a stay in the priciest hotel in the country, aka Moana Lani in Urban Honolulu!

Or is it the experience of sitting in a business class in any Airline, a prized and memorable dinner event with the family at a top restaurant in your city, a designer purse from a local brand?

Or better still, just a simple bunch of fresh flowers in the room, a hand-made artisan wooden frame, a stay at an eco-friendly resort?


luxurious lifestyleLuxury is something that is not common – it could be a product, a service, a feeling, or an experience. Anything that you cannot afford, monetarily and practically every day, can be termed as a luxury.

The word has different interpretations for different people.

Generally speaking, luxury is associated with quality products, unique concepts, high prices, and amazing experiences.

Lifestyle is how you go about living your daily life. What are the things you do? What do you wear? How do you travel? What and where do you eat? What do you drink? What kind of furniture do you have? What routine do you follow? 

There are innumerable components to our lifestyle. Every small little thing that is part of our daily living impacts our lifestyle.

What you choose to make part of your life is a decision that you need to take. In the end, these are the products and services that are going to determine whether you have a luxury lifestyleor not.

Since luxury is more about an experience, and a feeling, you need to choose things that make you feel the best, happiest, elated, satisfied, deserving, and so on.

When you focus on treating yourself to the best things in life, as much as your pocket allows, you can be sure of living a luxurious life without a big budget!

As the saying goes, ‘Live life like a King’ but do so within your means. Or else, you will keep working like a slave and never get to enjoy the essence of the lifestyle that you worked so hard to get.


luxury lifestyle without big budgetThe focus of the blog today is to get that luxurious lifestyle that you have always aspired for – to do it in a way that does not pinch your pocket.

This means that you get the luxury brands that you have always dreamt of but in a budgeted manner. You have to be creative.You need to strategize well and plan it properly to get there.

Arbitrary work will not help in getting you a luxury lifestyle – there has to be a concerted and dedicated effort – from setting a goal to planning it out, to be innovative and original, you need to treat this as a project on hand!

Let’s assume that you have always aspired to have the Mercedes-Benz C-Class standing in the driveway of your home. More than a status symbol, possession of this luxury item is a dream for you.

It is an experience that you wish to go through in this lifetime! It is a lifestyle dream for you. You have two choices to get there:

Option 1– earn and save as much. It could take years, at times, unfortunately – a lifetime of hard work and struggle. And many times, it remains unfulfilled.

Option 2 – take it as a project; earn and look for ways to get one affordably. So, maybe you could buy a second-hand Mercedes-Benz C-Class car – fulfill your dream and get it at reasonable prices!

Some creative ways to enjoy the greatest luxury in life.


LUXURY HOTELS AND DESTINATIONSA very practical way to enjoy the best things in life! Why should only the millionaires and the billionaires of the world have all the fun?

You can plan your vacations – annual, or weekly during the off-season when most hotel chains, including the high-end and premium ones, offer attractive discounts.

Another smart thing to do is to book your holidays much in advance. Hotels, and airlines, including the big names in the industry, offer the best rates when you make your bookings 6 months or a year before.

Do it in a planned manner.


ENROLL FOR PRODUCT TESTINGYou could sign up for product testing. Some brands offer free luxury experiences – this means it does not cost you any money; instead, you get to experience the product or service and then give your feedback.

Being a part of the consumer testing group is not an easy affair, though. You are responsible for giving honest reviews and feedback.

But, the pros are many – you get to live the luxurious life that you have always wanted, as well as, keep back the free items, whether you love them or hate them.


INEXPENSIVE CRUISEIf you are looking at enjoying a luxurious cruise, the best option is not to go and look for cheap luxury cruises – you will not get one.

The right thing to do is to wait for attractive deals to come through.

True, luxury is the high-end cruise lines. If you are looking to experience one such journey, go in for all-inclusive packages that are often cheaper than the al-carte rates.

Luxury cruises are usually a week and longer. Often, they stretch up to months. But, since there are budgetary constraints for you, and you wish to enjoy a luxurious cruise, go in for the shorter cruises. You can also book early, take advantage of discounted deals from your favorite brands or book in a group to enjoy a life-changing experience.


DESIGNER ITEMS FROM RENTAL STORES ONLINEIf you look closely, you will find many online fashion retail shops that offer various designer items, especially like designer outfits on rent.

The rental amount varies depending on the brand and the duration for which you take.

The most joyous part is that you get to wear your dream brands, with excellent costume design at a fraction of the market prices.


One thing good about international premium brands – the top ones – is that they keep launching newer items every season.

In the process, they often ship the overstock items from previous seasons and years to their retail outlets.

These are then sold at amazingly discounted prices. They have clearance sales where you can get some best offers.

For example, you can find items that come at 70% less than the original price. Isn’t that incredible?

Many of your colleagues, bosses, friends, and relatives are living their luxury dreams by choosing to smartly invest in discounted options.


fitness and wellnessWant to treat your skin to a luxurious spa massage or buy skin products from a famed brand? Here, exorbitantly high prices can be a big demotivator.

One of the best things to do is to look out for discounted deals on the services – all brands announce once in a while.

From introductory offers to complimentary massages and classes, there are lots that happen behind-the-scenes. Just keep yourself updated, if you are luxury brand conscious, and you will surely find deals that fit your budget.


restaurant style foodIf you love to dine out and at some of the most expensive restaurants in your city, if you are crazy about a celebrity chef’s cooking style, it is time that you learn the art too.

It will save you tones of money each year while ensuring that you treat your family to some of the most delectable food on weekends and special days.

The next time that you need to entertain friends and colleagues, you can confidently do so at your home—cooking your favorite food – serving them  at home! delicious and cozy restaurant-style dinner


sample sizesIf you are a shopaholic, you will have a fair idea about the great places to get free sample products from luxury brands.

Say, for example, you could try Sephora.

When you shop here, you get miniature samples, especially perfumes, or skin products from top brands. It is one of the best ways to experience a high-end brand.


replica productsOne good option to enjoy your favorite brands is to splurge on replica products. There are many stores online that sell the good quality of duplicate products.

The finish is so precise, that even the most trained eyes are unable to detect the difference.

The prices are amazing, making them some of the best finds for a lifetime.


experimental modelOne excellent way to get a free massage or a make-up done from the most prized spa or beauty studio in the city is to become an experimental model.

Starting with free samples, there are free trials and demos that institutes and organizations carry out for their new students and recruits.

As a model, you will be invited for demos, making it a good opportunity to relax and enjoy the experience.


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Where to find better clothing for less

In today’s fashion blog post, we will talk about finding the best clothing on budget. We all want finer things in life. We love to fill our wardrobes with designer quality clothes. Luxury fashion clothing is something that most of us aspire for, but the price can be a big demotivator.

The apparel retail industry is worth over USD 1.34 trillion per year. Statisticians put this value as equivalent to the combined GDP of 126 poor countries on the planet. And surprisingly, it is larger than the Italian economy!

If this was not enough, look at this fact – in 2016, there were 107 billion apparel units bought by human beings. This means that every person on this Earth brought about 13 garments in the year.

By 2021, this figure is estimated to go up by almost 13%. Considering that almost 10% of the global population lives on less than $1.9 per day, imagine the quantity of apparel being bought by those who can afford to do so!

The top 10 countries in terms of apparel retail sales are China, the US, India, Japan, Germany, UK, Russia, France, Italy, and Brazil. Customers from these ten countries constitute almost three-fourth of the apparel market.

Where to Find Better Clothing for Less?

Clothing for LessBefore we venture into the ways to buy better clothing for less, we need to understand two important aspects. The first is about Quality, and the other is about Price.

What is quality?

The characteristic attribute of a product by virtue, of which there is a guarantee of excellence, is called quality.


QUALITY CLOTHINGWhy do you look for good quality clothes? Because when you wear quality clothing, you feel nice about yourself; you feel confident and self-assured.

But, does the guarantee of quality come from wearing branded clothes only? Surely, not!

When you choose to go in for quality apparel, you are investing in clothes that you intend to wear for a long time. It means that you look for durability and reliability.

It also means buying garments that have been made ethically, that are healthy for your skin, and the planet. Since famous and leading brands promise all of these, people equate quality products with branded items.

However, remember that you can get the desired quality at a neighbourhood shop – in a local market also – as long as best practices have been kept in mind during the making process.


High-quality clothes because they are made with a finesse that makes you feel good, nice, and confident.

Quality products as they last for a longer time. Meaning, you do not need to splurge your money regularly.

Durable clothing so that you can keep your wardrobe less stuffy and overflowing.


BUYING QUALITY CLOTHINGYou should be looking for three characteristics when you purchase expensive clothing in high-quality.

  • Fabric & texture quality – Stick with natural fabrics. Pure 100% natural materials are good for your skin, supreme in comfort, and extremely high on durability. So, stick to quality items.
  • Make, stitching and construction – Make sure that the finishing, both inside and outside, are done finely; for example, when you buy top-stitched quality clothing, make sure that the thread is smooth and fibreless.

– Country of origin – some countries are known for offering excellent quality of garments, and some are known for their average make. Often, looking at the tag helps understand whether it is a good buy or not.

There are some quality myths that most of us have. Let us look at some of them.

  1. An expensive price tag is a guarantee of superior quality.
  2. The same fabric from different textile manufacturers is of the same quality.

  3. Bigger brands mean better quality clothing.


BUYING HIGH-QUALITY GARMENTS FOR LESS‘Less’ is not always about cheap. Yes, for generic purposes, less does mean low-cost; however, if you analyze properly, ‘less’ means cost-effective.

Let us see how.


RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN PRICE AND QUALITYAs we saw earlier, one of the myths we spoke about was the relationship between price and quality.

Good quality does not mean expensive clothing. Quality and price may or may not walk hand-in-hand.

While most premium and high-end garments available today come at phenomenally high prices, it is not always the case.

The point is simple – You need to be one hundred percent sure that the product you are buying matches the three factors mentioned above. (How to Make Sure You Are Buying Quality Clothing?)


LESS IS NOT NECESSARILY LOW-COSTJust like quality is a subjective term. Similarly, a certain price may seem completely affordable to you but expensive for a friend of yours.

Interpret it in this manner. Buying garments that cost you a decent amount of money or even a little on the higher side is a good decision as long as you intend to use it for years without replacing or discarding it after a couple of wear.

This way, it turns out to be a cost-effective decision. We come back to durability once again. Spending a little more to buy a product that comes with a promise of being there for a long time is wise.

Even if you are in the habit of splurging your money regularly, your wardrobe will consist of high-quality clothes, all guaranteed to occupy their place in the closet for a long time.


LESS IS ABOUT MAKING WISE AND CONSCIOUS CHOICESBefore we understand why we should be conscious buyers, look at these statistics:

  1. As per the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), there was about 11.9 million tons of textile waste in the US in 2015.
  2. All of these wastes end in landfills.

  3. Can you believe it is almost 750 times the waste produced in 1960?

This is an eye-opening disclosure. Every American is responsible for producing about 75 pounds of textile waste each year.

You have to be conscious and responsible when splurging on garments and textiles.

When you buy, take a moment to answer these questions:

  1. Do I like that fabric?
  2. Will I wear this for quite some time?

  3. Is the fabric thick enough to last long?

  4. Is there spare fabric at the ends?

  5. Are the stitches evenly done?

  6. Is it a high maintenance fabric? Can I maintain it?

To summarize ‘less’ is not cheap! Let’s get this clear – you do not have to buy cheap clothes.

Shop for garments that are essentially quality pieces that can be in your wardrobe for a long time!

Where to Shop for Quality Clothing?

Where to Shop for Quality?We now come to the question – which is a great place to buy good quality garment pieces at best deals?

Luckily, we are living in a world where there is no dearth of choices. There is also an abundance of information and knowledge shared, so that we can make a wise decision.

For a rewarding shopping session, research well; take advantage of the offline and online mediums.

If you are someone who loves fashion and believes in trendy attire, make sure that back your purchase with profound information.

This is a serious business – the act of buying premium quality garments for less. Do no treat it lightly; keep the fun element infused though, always to make it a worthwhile experience.

Here are some of the tips to buy quality items at great deals


SHOP ONLINEThe online platform is a great place to buy desirable quality products and clothes at handsome prices. You also get to enjoy great deals.

Online shopping is also a matter of convenience. While most women love to experience the joys of shopping at malls and also indulge in window shopping, the online medium offers a scope of a different kind.

You get all kinds of brands here. From the popular to the not-so-heard-of, premium to average brands, plain or quality colored clothes – online sellers have wider choices at lower prices.

One of the best things about shopping online is buying some fabulously made garments at discounted prices.

Since most retailers online do not have the additional burden of space costs, they can offer handsome discounts on the market price.


HAVE PATIENCEWell, patience is the key to many things in the world. One of them is to get guaranteed quality clothes – top-notch lines at best prices.

In this case, patience is required for the best names in the industry to announce discounts.

If budget is an issue but quality required is topmost, wait for the opportune time.

The best partis that online and brick-and-mortar niche stores come up with sale discounts, promotional offers, festival discounts, clearance sales, and so on.

This is the right time to purchase that exotic dress and get it cheap.


VISIT A RESALE SITEThe best part about shopping online is that you have access to innovations galore!

For example, in line with reusability and recycling at the resale sites, you can find some great stuff at reasonable prices.

If you love sustainability, you will find this a versatile option – you can find higher quality clothes at very affordable prices.

When you outgrow the dress, you can always choose to donate it or resell it.


FIND INCREDIBLE LOW- COST CLOTHING RETAILERS REPUTED FOR QUALITYQuality pieces from some famous retailers, popular for offering great options at low-cost, are another alternative to buying better clothing for less!

These are retailers that offer regular attractively discounted prices. It is not that they have promotional sales offers running. So, you do not have to wait for a discount offer.

With budget-friendly prices, you can buy some mainstream and designer brands known for excellence in quality. Try out stores like T.J. Maxx, 6 PM, and RueLa La. Keep an eye on clothing coverage.


When you are looking at buying quality items, you need to make choices that include things like fair labor and trade, eco-friendliness, and sustainability.

Yes, price is important, but that does not mean that you need to spend an excessive amount on buying garments. Use our tips mentioned in the fashion blog post here for buying top quality products at budget-friendly prices. Just look for a great option.

We strive to keep bringing some amazing and interesting content to the fashion niche. If you have loved this blog of ours on finding the best clothes for less, do subscribe. We will help you stay on the top of the latest news from the fashion industry, always!

Are blogs about fashion really necessary

This write-up is for all you lovely and beautiful ladies out there, swiping left on your smartphones, trying to catch up on what’s trending in the world of fashion. Blogs about fashion are being hailed by the world as the savior we all need, the solution to all our fashion woes, and rightly so.

There has been some debate as to whether these blogs telling us what to wear, how to wear it, and when to wear are necessary at all? But before you close any blog window on your phone or your browser, let’s tell you why we think they are important. Do we need fashion blogs? Hell, yeah! We need them more than ever. We need them just like we need our bae to gossip. We need them just like the world needs Oprah.


These blogs didn’t exactly take the world by a storm when they started way back in the early to mid-2000s. Back then, fashion gurus and designers did not fathom the level of popularity that these blogs would attain popularity and the power they will have of influencing people. Fashion bloggers came to us as the disruptive technology that the world of fashion need. Fashion blogs have now infiltrated the once restricted industry by sharing with the readers their own opinions and ideas.


Blogs or ‘weblogs’ are like the personal virtual diaries of individuals who have taken it upon themselves to let fashion ideas flow freely into the world.  The job of educating people about fashion used to be a task that journalists and retailers used to take on themselves. Before the era of blogs, we were dependent on fashion magazines to tell us what’s in vogue and by the time our glossy copy landed in our hands, chances were that the fashion circuit was already working on their next season collection. And then came the fashion blogs.

On blogs about fashion, we had people posting about their outfits, reviewing the latest in accessories, makeup, clothes, and the lot. As the audience base of these blogs increased, they were looked upon as a gateway into the world of fashion; a gateway that the consumer or the trader could enter freely.

They have had a tremendous change in traditional fashion media, making it clear that these blogs are essential for dispensing fashion news. The increasing popularity and their vast reach of the audience have made the blogging space evolve. Now we have dynamic websites, multiple social media pages managed by trusted stylists and consultants.


Let’s see why we need these blogs. The influential fashion bloggers bring trends as well as brands to us; brands that we like, brands that are relatable to the readers, and trends that are as hot as fire. So, a fashion blog would tell us about the most talked-about piece on the Paris Fall Collection, and where we can get a similar piece. It gives us a trusted expert opinion on whether we should invest in that particular piece and about the kind of body types it would look great on.

Some of these blog posts may have sponsored content that talks about a particular brand but the blogger gives the write-up their voice and point of view. You would rather trust the world of a fashion blogger than going by the advertisement of that particular brand in a fashion magazine.  Everything has gone digital and while we are searching for recipes online and finding our dates online, why not find out about the latest fashion trends online as well!

They give us a new and valuable point of view and they segue seamlessly into the fashion world not just for fashion enthusiasts but also for models and designers. These blogs are an influential voice about the latest trends in the world of fashion.  A lot of blogs also offer sales referrals and discount coupons to their readers for various brands along with giving them fashion tips.

Most of the top fashion bloggers write a blog after doing their bit of research. Fashion bloggers can be seen attending fashion shows, couture galas since they keep a tab on what’s hot by collaborating with designers and people in the fashion world to get their opinions.

But from the myriad of choices that you see on the web, let’s tell you about some of the treasures you can discover on different types of fashion blogs:


All fashion blogs will tell you how you can dress to impress and what’s trending but some of these will do you one better. They will give you a peek into the latest fashion trends and will tell you how you can get the same look without burning a hole in your pocket.

How good is that?

Most of the time, they will also give you the link to web pages where you will be able to find pieces that will help you in recreating a similar look but at a significantly lesser price. These fashion blogs will not just tell you about the clothes that are in fashion but they will also create a complete ensemble for you; right from picking out accessories and shoes to telling you about the kind of makeup that will go well with your attire.

Though these fashion blogs do have a brand collaboration sometimes for the product they talk about, it is entirely up to you to pick that particular brand or not. The million-dollar outfit inspiration that you get from these blogs comes at no price!



New and would-be moms are often at their wits’ end, trying to decide how to dress comfortably and look stylish at the same time.

There are maternity stores with their aisles chock-a-block full of maternity wear but they do not tell you how you can style those clothes to perfection.

When you are an expecting mom, along with handling your swollen toes and mood swings, you don’t want to add handling your closet troubles on your list of woes.

That’s where a mommy fashion blog comes to the rescue. These blogs will tell you how you can dress according to the stage of your pregnancy. Pregnancy fashion has now got a completely new face with these blogs.


These blogs are for those divas that also have an artist inside them.

The tips, tutorials, and DIY videos on these blogs will help you renovate and revamp your closet using clothes that you already own but do not wear for various reasons.



If you haven’t been able to attend the Paris Fashion Week or missed the Lakme Fashion week, fret not. These ‘couture’ fashion blogs will give you a sneak peek into the work of every fashion designer who presented their work, while also letting you know who got the thumbs-up and which collections were an eyewash. Whether the designer clothes you see in boutiques at fashion hot spots of the town are worth blowing your wallet on, is something that the ‘couture’ fashion blog is going to tell you.


You’ve heard of people flipping houses, and just like they turn those houses into something modern while keeping the essence intact, vintage fashion blogs give you ideas about how you can flip vintage clothes.

If you have raided your mom’s closet recently or have come into possession of some heirloom clothes or jewelry pieces, these blogs will tell you how you make the best of your treasures. That old wedding dress from the ’80s can be jazzed up by

changing the lace at the hem or chopping off the sleeves of an old dress that your grandma wore in the ’60s can turn it into a bedazzling prom dress.


These blogs will let you in on what goes with what. So, if you have just bought a great dress but are at a loss as to how to style it, these blogs will tell you everything.

The kind of accessories you should use; right from bags and jewelry, to the shoes that you must wear. They will also guide you about the makeup and hairstyling tips you can follow to look just perfect.


These fashion blogs tell about the fashion boutiques in particular areas. Again, a sponsored post in some cases but, at other times, these blogs are like a review site that tell you all you would want to know about a boutique or a clothing store.

Right from telling you all about the good deals you can get there to what it is that you must buy from a particular store; these fashion blogs tell you everything. Sometimes fashion startups get associated with top fashion bloggers to help grab more eyeballs. It’s a win-win situation for everyone; the brand gets a promotion, the blogger gets to talk about what’s new in town, and the readers lap up all the information about a new fashion joint and new trends as well.


Style influencers do not have a dedicated fashion blog outside of social media platforms like Instagram, but their social media pages offer a lot of fashion information.

They are called style influencers as the products or styles endorsed by them on their page become a scared word for their followers.

Though these influencers get paid by the brands they endorse on their page, they are their style director. The way they wear these clothes and give a complete outfit inspiration to their followers is what makes them popular.

Their sponsored posts are earmarked, and you can always choose to buy the same or a similar-looking product by another brand.

You must have now got quite some idea about why these fashion blogs are necessary for anyone who

wishes to dress well and needs just a little or maybe more guidance about fashion from someone with an updated fashion sense. Just like a woman can never have enough clothes, you can never have enough fashion blogs as every blogger brings to you, his or her perspective about fashion. You do not need to emulate the tips given on these blogs since these blogs are just a guideline that you can follow.

They inform you about the latest fashion products; the good and the bad both. Their fashion recommendations and styling tips can help you take your ensemble from just ‘meh’ to amazing.

Fashion blogs are trendsetters as they introduce new collections, give their recommendations that sometimes may influence you to revamp your closet and even your style. A  typical fashion blog deals with lots of categories like clothes,  accessories,  apparel market trends,  including haute couture,  prêt-à-porter,  etc. They bring to us celebrity fashion tastes and the high street fashion trends that stimulate our fashion palate.

The number of bloggers in the USA alone are expected to grow to more than 40 million in 2020, and if we go by these blogging statistics, fashion blogs are here to stay. Their presence is relevant, and their number is steadily on the rise.

Although it may be hard to count the exact number of blogs there are today, one thing’s for sure: we’ll soon be touching a count of 1 billion blogs. If that doesn’t say anything about how fashion blogs are a much-needed fashion accessory, we don’t know what will!


We hope that we have managed to convince you about how blogs about fashion are an absolute must for the world of fashion to extend its reach. If yes, then do subscribe to our blogs about fashion for more such intriguing tit-bits, tips and advice, and a whole lot of fun ideas about fashion.

Find out the gossip going around hollywood

Best celebrity gossip blogs keep you updated with your favorite Hollywood celebrity gossip faster than news updates. Celebrity gossip blogs have now become as important a commodity as food is to those who are starving.


Subscribing to the constant and contemporary supply chain of best celebrity gossip blogs is one of the most primitive traits of mankind. Best celebrity gossip blogs are one of the most researched keywords in Google.

It always remains consistent in the top-notch position of keywords and never slides below the top five rank. Be it a newspaper, lifestyle magazine, gossip magazine, or celebrity tabloid,  they come packed with a dedicated column or segment on gossip that, in turn, makes the idea of journalism saleable in the market all around the year as much as a pair of N-95 masks or a bottle of sanitizer gets sold during a pandemic across the globe. Gossip is not only about cooking entertainment with the best of ingredients, but it is also an art of making money.

1. One in every three citizens of the USA has been found to have subscribed to two or more gossip magazines online. The trend of consumption in terms of buying subscriptions for gossip magazines is even higher in the provinces around Hollywood, Malibu, and Beverly Hills, known for being the kitchen of the World film industry.

  1. An average U.S citizen aged between 18 to 30 spends as much as 2.5 hours daily searching for the best celebrity gossip blogs Time dedicated to browsing through gossip content witnesses a significant spike during the weekend. It often gets doubled to 4.5-5 hours a day during a long vacation or extended weekends.
  2. Celebrities who remain flared up in controversies built around best celebrity gossip blogs and contemporary gossip are more likely to dominate the numero uno position in the keyword search and eventually turn out to be the most popular or sensational star.

  3. Almost all our favorite celebs nowadays seek professional services from goodwill management firms to be able to get favorably positioned in the mindset of their audience in the time of information that could take a grievous toll on their public image.

Celebrity news, gossip blogs, best Hollywood celebrity gossip blogs, and gossip magazines have now gained the importance of a magnifying glass through the lenses of which we look at our favorite celebs and try to drill your eyes deep into their skin to unfold the secrets about what lies beneath the skin.


Hollywood always remains abuzz with celebrity gossip and showbiz news gossip. We have tried to serve you with a wholesome meal of multicuisine gossips that will douse the fire of curiosity in your belly while giving you a psychedelic pleasure.

So some of the best hollywood celebrity gossip blogs that we have handpicked for you from, go as below.


Iron man does not always need his suit to take a stand and stretch his hand to lift people up. Captain America is not required to carry his shield on his back to guard against the evil that leaves a scar in mankind.

Robert Downey Jr, Chris Hemsworth along with three other avengers undertook a meaningful initiative by venturing out into a fund collection drive to sponsor the urgent medical needs of the destitute who find themselves in a spot amid the COVID-19 pandemic. People can do their bit by making a small contribution of $10.

Everyone who contributes to the cause will stand a chance to participate in a forty-minute long conference call with all the five avengers. They might also get a chance to head out for a game night with the band of avengers. This initiative seems to have garnered traction among the netizens through the best celebrity gossip blogs and they are joining in the philanthropic bandwagon by pledging their support to the endeavor.


Sharon Stone has always been under the limelight for essaying bold characters on screen and is believed to have taken yet another intrepid stance in her own life by seeking love advice from Elton John as confirmed by one of the best celebrity gossip blogs.

Elton John must have his own share of reasons to look forward to his sessions with Sharon and we expect that it is going to be as solid as Stone’s. Sharon Stone is quoted to have expressed her willingness to be groomed by Elton John in her pursuit of being capable of evaluating her suitors in

the popular online dating app called Bumble, which she is quite frequently associated with. One of the best celebrity gossip blogs from the U.S. had featured the news in its celebrity section.


The 7 Rings star and the adorable sweetheart of the best celebrity gossip blogs is believed to have broken up with his boyfriend Mickey Foster exactly seven months after they started dating each other.

The news about their relationship was first made public in August 2019. The couple took over gossip headlines when they were first spotted together walking down the streets of Chicago at night, holding each other’s hand in a bid to provide a glaring hint to gossip columnists to update on their relationship status.

The news came as an utter surprise to many as the speculations about their marriage in the winter of 2020 were doing the rounds in the circuit of the town-gossip ecosystem.


There is always a light of hope at the end of the dark tunnel. It holds true for singer Pink as well, as she along with her juvenile kid have recently been declared to have recovered from COVID-19. Her test result has come negative exactly two weeks after he got infected with the virus.

According to a gossip site, she is reported to have displayed the symptoms during her stay in her family farmhouse at Los Angeles. One of her family physicians who regularly monitors her vital clinical parameters advised her to get tested as soon as the symptoms surfaced. She was made to be isolated at home under the supervision of a team of resident doctors headed by his family physician. As she was diagnosed with mild symptoms, she was not admitted to the hospital.

The news of her recovery published in a popular gossip column has resulted in a sigh of relief to her wide fan base across the world. Some of the best celebrity gossip blogs also covered the news of her recovery. She recently expressed her great

displeasure over the inadequate testing infrastructure available in L.A by vehemently criticizing local authorities for not being vigilant and more emphatic to the people battling with the virus.


The 35 years old American pop star who never fails to amaze her audience with her astounding performances has recently stirred the entire Tinseltown, followed by an uproar in the best celebrity gossip blogs with the news of her pregnancy.

The news came in such an unexpected way that it left everyone in a trance of utter surprise. Even the most seasoned gossip columnist of celebrity gossip blogs who always keeps track of the digital footprint of the reality stars cannot manage to dig up any clue to the announcement. Katy herself spilled the beans and made a formal announcement that she is going to be a mother soon.

According to the best Hollywood celebrity gossip blogs, the expected time of delivery has been scheduled for Summer 2020. The proposed schedule of giving birth to her first child coincided with the release of her forthcoming album that stood long due. While interacting with her fans in a live Q&A session on her Instagram handle, Katy divulged the secrets that no recent gossip stories had cracked so far. The list celebrity should learn from her about the art of keeping secrets to oneself.


Hollywood went gaga over the sudden developments in the boardroom of Disney ever since Iger decided to call it a quit from the position of executive CEO.

Bob Iger was the creative genius who is admired across the world for his unparalleled creative quest coupled with the ability to steer a whole generation toward the pathbreaking regime of new design concepts. Under the thought leadership of Iger, Disney has achieved what it is today.


Iger redefined Disney’s ethos and value system by

inoculating a culture of experiments with new possibilities in the realm of how thoughts are being captured in cinema and how they are projected on the screen. Bob Chapek, the Chairman of Disney parks, is going to take over the reign of Disney from Iger.


If some of the current gossip trends published in reliable gossip sites and best celebrity gossip blogs are to be believed, the transition in the leadership position of Disney is about to fall in place in the next couple of months.


We have tried to chronicle in this article some of the most intriguing gossip about Hollywood that dominate the best celebrity gossip blogs. In case you want to explore more such content, you can log on to www.mrsarna.com/celebrities to browse the wide spectrum of content archives, highlighting different aspects of Hollywood stars.


We always stand true to our commitment to provide you with the best celebrity gossip blogs all through the year.

Celebrity news and gossip that will lure you in

Celebrity news and gossip from various sources will lure you into the magical world of your favorite and most talked about celebrities.

How about a little gossip session about our favorite celebrities? The lifestyles of our favorite celebrities have always been a topic of interest for most of us. The craze for celebrity news and gossip keeps us glued to social media. In today’s article, we will give you the most exciting and popular celebrity news that is sure to bring a smile on your face and quench your thirst for celebrity gossip.


It is quite interesting how some popular celebrities give controversial statements on social networks in the heat of the moment. More surprisingly, they express their mistake later. The 79-year-old former game show host, Chuck Woolery, became a hot topic of celebrity news and gossip when he tweeted on social media that everyone is lying about COVID-19.

The statement was in total circulation when President Donald Trump retweeted the comment. He lacked good judgment when he said that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the democrats, and the media are lying about COVID-19.

In a cover story by CBS News, President Donald Trump said, “There are many people who think that we shouldn’t do this kind of testing, because all we do, it’s a trap.”

However, it became a topic of celebrity news and gossip when the same Chuck Woolery, had one of his sons tested positive for COVID-19.

To cover up his mistake, he tweeted again that his

son had tested positive. He added that he was sorry for those who were suffering from COVID-19. But to the surprise of the column fillers, the tweet disappeared after two days.


Our favorite celebrity, Chris Evans, or rather Captain America, is known for his fitness regime, great physique, and killer looks. He recently became a popular choice for celebrity news and gossip and gained the love and respect of millions.

Evans planned to send his Captain America shield to a 6-year-old kid, who received ninety stitches while saving his baby sister from a charging dog. Even the little boy became famous on social media for all the right reasons.

Chris Evans praised the little champ and said” What you did was so brave, so selfless, your sister is so lucky to have you as a big brother. Your parents must be so proud of you”.  The little boy is no less than any superhero.  His mother said that after getting bitten several times by the dog, the little hero made the perfect jump, grabbed his sister’s hand, and ran to safety.

The proud mother said, “We love our brave boy and want all the other superheroes to know about this latest hero who joined their ranks” The news made headlines in celebrity news and gossip.

Brie Larson, Grant Gustin, and Mark Ruffalo were all praises for the little hero who had made them proud.


Celebrity marriages have always been a cover story for celebrity news and gossip. Celebrities always do things keeping in mind their identity factor, be it their marriage, lifestyle, or profession.

One such celebrity news in total circulation was the marriage of Princess Beatrice with Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi in a private ceremony.

Princess Beatrice is the daughter of Prince Andrew and his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson. The royal marriage took place at The Royal Chapel of All Saints at Royal Lodge in Windsor.

According to a genuine source sheet, the marriage was attended by Queen Elizabeth, the Duke of Edinburgh, and other close family members. Since the wedding took place amidst the global pandemic, all necessary precautions were taken to maintain safety.

The royal marriage was canceled earlier because

of the pandemic. Our celebrity obsession is so strong that we are always hyped for such celebrity news and gossip.


Our favorite celebrities and their love for material goods have always been a matter of celebrity news and gossip. The celebs make sure that they make a 100 percent gain from their extravagant shopping! George Lucas owns a fire truck! Are you wondering if it’s true? Why, yes.  It’s a fact.

Pop singer Celion Dion created a hype in celebrity news and gossip when it was discovered she owns a humidifier that cost her a whopping $2 million.

Nonetheless, her intentions were genuine.  She had to protect her voice from the desert air in Las

Vegas. Our favorite celebrity and singer does not earn by any criminal means. So, she is free to spend on anything and everything! So what do you think about your favorite people’s material goods?


Orlando Bloom is in total circulation in celebrity news and gossip. Our favorite celebrity is upset.  It feels great to know that sometimes celebrities exude feelings that are quite similar to ours, especially love for their pets.

Orlando Bloom recently posted on Instagram that his pet dog, Mighty, has been missing, and the actor is heart-broken.

He urged his fans to help him find his canine friend. He stated that the dog is chipped, and his collar contains a phone number.

The actor pleaded that if anybody found the dog, they should take him to the police station, an animal shelter or a vet.

The actor claimed that if anybody helped him, they would be handsomely rewarded. Such celebrity

news and gossip prove again and again that our favorite celebrities have a heart of gold.


Celebrity news and celebrity names are always active on social media. They satisfy our thirst for celebrity news and gossip.  Recently, the celebrity name that is in total circulation is Gigi Hadid and her pregnancy. The 25-year-old star confirmed her pregnancy on Instagram Live.

On being asked questions about her pregnancy, our favorite celebrity said, “I think a lot of people are confused about why I’m not sharing more, but like, I’m pregnant through a pandemic. Like, my pregnancy is not the most important thing going on in the world,

Gigi further said more important things are going on in the world now, like the coronavirus pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement, that deserve more attention than celebrity news and gossip.

She also opined, “that’s a reason that I’ve felt that it’s not really something that I need to share, apart from with my family and friends” Gigi Hadid is keeping her pregnancy away from celebrity news and gossip for the time being.

She is focusing more on her collaboration with V Magazine.  This is her first baby with Zayn Malik.  Plus, she has promised fans that she will share all her pregnancy away from celebrity news and gossip for the time being.

She is focusing more on her collaboration with V Magazine.  This is her first baby with Zayn Malik.  Plus, she has promised fans that she will share all her pregnancy experiences but at the right time.

For the time being, she is sharing all her pictures with close friends and family. What makes her more famous in celebrity news and gossip is her genuineness and truthfulness.


Stars love to create news with their weird obsessions. The identity factor is a massive concern for them. Whether to maintain their lifestyle or create a buzz in celebrity news and gossip, they always want to stay in the limelight.

Otherwise, who buys an entire town for themselves? Yes, you heard right, a whole town! Kim Basinger was in the headlines of celebrity news and gossip when she bought an entire town named Braselton, Georgia, with a whopping sum

of $20 million. Celebrities are sometimes so whimsical! The best part is she sold it five years later for only $1 million.

What can be said about the strange obsession of our honorable U.S President Donald Trump! His Boeing 757 is decorated with 24-carat gold-plated seat belts, gold silk line walls in the bedroom, and gold-plated sink and shower in the bathroom. I think this the best celebrity news and gossip for the day!

Why should we leave out Rihanna and her strange obsession with her hair! Rihanna and her obsession with her hair were in total circulation in celebrity news and gossip. Why wouldn’t it be! She spends an amount of $1,168,000 annually to make sure that her hair is pretty enough to attract the paparazzi. Isn’t that amazing!


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How to manage a luxurious lifestyle?

This luxury lifestyle blog talks about getting to that dream luxurious lifestyle, which so many of us aspire for. The fact is that many of us can afford the lifestyle, but lack of know-how or trust keeps us away from getting to it.

Time, many say, is the most luxurious thing on Earth. As long as you have the time to enjoy and live a contented life, you can spread your wings to embrace luxury.

Think of a dying man who is a top-notch billionaire with all comforts of life surrounding him!

The sad part is that even after knowing that time is not something that we can grasp and grip in our hands, most of us spend our entire life, running to collect the riches of the world, never to sit back and enjoy them.

So, you have the wealth; you are an affluent individual; an HNI, but you are still spending all your waking hours running the race of life. Well, it is not that this is not important – of course, it is – after all, your wealth and opulence are all the result of it.

But it is time to stop and reflect! Take a break and understand the essence of your life. You wanted the luxurious lifestyle, and you have worked hard to build a fortune for yourself; but why are you still not having a quality life?

The good things in life, thankfully, are not too far. Wondering where and how to start? And, then what! How are you going to maintain consistency in your luxurious living?

When it is about luxury, all that you need to do today is to reach out to the right luxury concierge services. Well, you can choose to do it on your own too. But, knowing that you hardly have the time, it is a good idea to have an expert help you with making lifestyle choices.


concierge servicesWhat do lifestyle concierge services mean? How can an outsider help you set lifestyle standards? You would be surprised to know that many HNI’s and UHNI’s today are hiring personal concierge services to lead an uber-luxurious life!

Say, for example, you wish to attend the Oscars next year? Or you have a secret desire to board a private jet for your next trip. Or you wish to take your spouse to a fine dining treat at the Nice Guy in Las Vegas.

How do you go about it? Curating the best bespoke experience for special events or otherwise, you should rather have a specialist to do it on your behalf because they have the expertise to do so.

With an eye for details, and the panache for detailing, with experts on the job, your haute experience will be delivered immaculately and with unparalleled finesse. A personal concierge will take special care to deliver superlative experiences to his/her client!

Data gathered about the global personalized assistance services, or personal concierge services reflects the growing preference of the people for such services aptly.

1. In 2018, the concierge services market was worth USD 537.6 million.

2. The industry is growing at a CAGR of 5.3% each year.

The mantra is that if you have the means, then there is a concierge service out there that can offer you the way to get a sophisticated luxurious lifestyle.


LUXURY CONCIERGELuxury concierges are all about experiences. Whether it is a day-to-day activity, or planning a special event, concierge services have the expertise to make arrangements that include best-of-the-best brands, well-supported by premium and high-end services.

You could view this as an enviable key to unlocking a world full of crème le crème experiences. There is no scope of compromise on quality here – every tiny aspect is impeccably flawless.


concierge servicesThe concept of concierge services took birth in the hotel industry where a specialized group of staff members was responsible for offering personal assistance services. The group was called ‘Les clefs d’Or’.

What started as a simple service desk for offering personal assistance to guests within the hotel premises, later on, evolved to become more specialized service offerings. Over a period, the service providers focused on services that went beyond the conventional concierge services.

Experts took the perfect opportunity to go out of their way to curate bespoke lifestyle offerings for their clients, which transformed the meaning of concierge services.

The growth of lifestyle services is attributed to various factors. You should be typically looking at hiring luxury lifestyle services if you are someone:

-> Who has a large disposable income – people who are High Net Worth Individuals.

-> Who is short of time to take care of routine specialized tasks.

-> Who has a busy work-life.

-> Who loves to be part of private events or special occasions that are exclusive, and only the richest-of-the-rich are invited to.

The fact that the partnerships between high-end hotels, spas, restaurants, airlines, destinations, and other luxury brands have become stronger than ever before is a big boost to the industry too!

Going in for bespoke luxury services is a stress-free experience for customers; it helps them optimize their time and energy.


BEST LUXURY CONCIERGEThe best experiences, the best services, and the seamless flow of events are all some of the benefits of hiring a specialist from the field. But, how to select one often becomes a big question.

When considering outsourcing a high-end concierge service, remember to consider these features diligently:

1. What kind of services are you looking at outsourcing, and what is the specialty of the said service provider?

Example – you might be looking at someone who can offer you top-of-the-line inclusive luxury travel on a yacht in an exotic destination; or,

You could be looking for someone who is going to help you gain access to Page 3 parties of Hollywood.

Every exclusive concierge service provider will have its strengths and areas of expertise. Understand and comprehend the same well, before choosing.

2. Relevant experience of the service provider is another important aspect that needs to be thoroughly checked before appointing. If you are someone who needs international services, you cannot depend on someone who is an expert in local concierge services.

Customization and personalization are two important facets -the concierge service needs to be creative and innovative in its service offerings.

3. Where is the service provider located? Can you meet them on-demand anytime? Are they in your city or located at the end of the globe?

If you are someone who loves to have your professional service partners make themselves available in-person at the click of a finger, you might consider hiring someone closer to your office or residence.

4. The other important aspect of choosing a luxury lifestyle management company is the availability of the service provider round the clock. 

The partner must understand your lifestyle, the pace of your life, things that you love, and so on; and, has the flexibility, patience, and perseverance to sync its working with your demands.
5. Ethical and transparent handling is a crucial area too. You do not mind spending the money but ensure that there are hidden charges and clauses in the contract that you ruin your experience.


So, what is that a professional concierge service can do that HNI’s and tuber-rich hire their services?

Your wildest and craziest dreams can come true; if you take care to have the finest bespoke lifestyle management services provider do the job for you.

Remember, this is a creative area of work. Of course, expertise and experience are vital too. But, to fulfill your wish, the lifestyle management firm should be ready to venture out into unknown grounds and come up with ingenious ideas.

Look out for out-of-this-world exclusive experiences like:

– Having the Sydney Harbour Bridge closed to propose to your sweetheart. A company called Quintessentially goes far and beyond to do this for their prestigious clients.

– How about your wedding vows being renewed by the Pope himself? Or maybe a private charter jet journey over Antarctica; or, walking the red carpet at the Oscars with the top celebrities from Hollywood?

What is your luxury lifestyle dream? To be part of the next Paris Fashion Week or rent a private island in the Caribbean?

For those momentous memories and to live a life that is filled with grandeur, lavishness, and opulence, ensure that you have the right premium lifestyle management company working for you.


Luxury concierge is true comfort and stylized luxuriousness! To have those unique incredible red-carpet moments, make sure that you get in touch with the ones who can fix the perfect experience for you!

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Find out how people are increasing their happiness

For over 80 years, the Harvard Study of Adult Development has been tracking their students’ health and other participants to reveal clues about their mental well-being and understand what it takes for people to lead a healthy and happy life.

Started in 1938, this research has been one of the longest studies of adult life to date. Even President John F. Kennedy was once recruited for the research! Over the years, scientists studied the physical and mental health of their participants and made notes of their triumphs and failures, both in their personal and professional lives.

HAPPINESSThe researchers we surprised to find that people’s happiness had a positive correlation with their health, and happy people experienced a higher overall satisfaction with their quality of life.

But this led many people to ask one important question – “how do these scientists know how happy their participants were, and how did they measure it?”

If you too thought of the same question and have also often wondered about how happy people always keep an upbeat and positive attitude- good news! You’ve come to the right place. Read on to know more about what happiness truly is and how people live a happy life with positive emotions and attract good things and good fortune.


CAN HAPPINESS EVER BE MEASUREDYou must have heard people always talk about how to be in a good mood and have a more positive attitude towards life to increase your happiness, but how exactly do you measure your happiness?

Happiness is an emotion, an intangible feeling, and there is no way to quantify it. So, how do people gauge their own or somebody else’s happiness?

Happiness is subjective, and thus, nobody else can understand your happiness better than yourself. You do not need a metric measurement system to put a number or a rating to your good thoughts.

Happiness can be defined by judging the overall satisfaction you get from your own experiences and the quality of your life. On a more community level, self-reported surveys and tests are often the best way to understand a large group’s happiness. But this again comes down to each individual’s understanding of their happiness.

The next time somebody asks you about how happy you are, look within yourself and analyze your own positive emotions, happy experiences, and overall satisfaction with life to understand how happy you are.

Now that you have a better understanding of how you can judge your own level of happiness, here are some ways you can increase or rather improve your happiness levels. You too can be like some of those happy people you always see who seem to have such a positive attitude towards their lives and everything around them. Read ahead to get a few exciting ideas.


BUILD HAPPY AND POSITIVE RELATIONSHIPSAccording to the researchers of the Harvard Study of Adult Development, one of the most important conclusions they arrived at was that positive relationships are key to leading a healthier and happier life.

When you feel lonely and cut off from the people closest to you, your mental and physical health can start declining over time, and this, in turn, adds more stress and unhappiness to your life.

The vicious cycle will continue until you decide to seek comfort in others and build a relationship with them. You do not have to seek a romantic partner to nurture a positive relationship.

A friend, a mentor, a parent are all people you can connect with to increase your happiness. Remember that the quality of these relationships matters more than the number of people you build a connection with. Keep your circle small if you like, but remember to give each positive relationship the time and effort it needs to develop.

Having a strong bond with other happy people will boost your overall happiness and put you in a good mood. Share all your experiences with your group and encourage each other to be the best versions of themselves. Seek connections with optimistic individuals that motivate you to be happy.

2. Find something you are passionate about

Find something you are passionate aboutPeople often tend to get so caught up with their obligations and professional commitments that they neglect their passion.

As soon as you wake up, your mind races through the list of things you need to do for the day, all the assignments you need to submit, all the emails you have to get back to, and all the chores you need to do in the house.

Even though these are crucial tasks that cannot be ignored, they add little to no value to your overall happiness.

Happy people always ensure to work on their passions and goals. If you are one of the lucky ones to be in a career or field that has always been your passion, that is great.

But if what you do for a living does not align with your heart’s true passion, take some time out every day or every week to work on something you love the most.

Dancing, painting, volunteering at an animal shelter, carpentry, and anything that uplifts your mood should be something you have to set time aside for.


BE KIND TO YOURSELFWhen was the last time you truly complimented yourself? Do you remember the last time you congratulated yourself and celebrated your little victories?

People are often their own worst critics and end up being very hard on themselves.

Here is a scenario for you to ponder on – What if you wanted to lose some weight one month and you did not achieve it. Think about all the negative self-talk you indulge in.

Now, think about a friend who also wanted to lose some weight but did not. Would you use these same words to berate your friend as well? You need to support and love yourself the same way you support and love your friends.

All the happiness and love you give out to others daily, do not forget to save some of that for yourself. It is okay to work on identifying your flaws and making plans to change certain things about yourself but do so with kindness. Happy people accept themselves for who they are even when working on changing for the better.

Changes do not happen overnight. So, give yourself some time, and a whole lot of love throughout the journey. And if things do not turn out the way you planned, remind yourself that it is okay and that you do not have to be at war with yourself. Love yourself and be kind to yourself to be genuinely happy.



Findings from a research study in 2009 have shown that having a positive attitude towards life can increase your happiness and well-being.

If you have always been the glass-half-empty type of person, it will take some time to train your mind to see it as half-full, but it is not impossible.

Choosing to prioritize positive emotions is a sure-shot way of boosting your happiness. You need to train your brain to let go of the negative thoughts that are weighing you down.

This does not mean you ignore the adversities and pretend like everything is going right when it clearly is not. But you need to teach your mind not to mull over these thoughts and instead, focus on things that you can do to help yourself in that situation.

One of the most common ways of practicing a more positive outlook is by expressing gratitude. Learn to appreciate and be thankful for all the things in your life- your body, relationships, environment, and all of the often-overlooked blessings you might have taken for granted.

Convince yourself to be thankful for the good things that happen every day and then worry about everything else that has gone wrong. You can also try meditating to get more in tune with yourself and your thoughts.

The art of meditation takes time, so do not be disheartened if you don’t get it right the first couple of times. Happy people choose to wake up every day with a positive attitude and exhibit positive emotions whenever they can.


LIVE IN THE MOMENT AND ENJOY THE LITTLE THINGSIt is easy to get caught up in the daily stresses of life and forget to stop and smell the flowers. You do not have to find a flower and smell it, but that would be awesome if you can do that. But in constantly working and hustling for a better future, people forget to live in the moment.

It is great to have goals and plans and work towards fulfilling all your dreams, but it is also important to observe and appreciate the little moments you live through every day.

Learn to be more mindful of the little joys in life and give them the attention they deserve. To truly live in the moment and savor it, you have to teach yourself to minimize multi-tasking. Productivity gurus teach people how to get the most out of every waking minute.

However, while trying to achieve several things at once, you do not have the time to enjoy the happiness of any one of them. The next time you order in your favorite pizza, do not gobble it down while working on your assignment. Sit back, relax, and take the time to enjoy the food and relish it truly. You can get back to your assignment after your meal. Even if you can only spare a few extra minutes every day, make them count.

You need to remember that your happiness is your responsibility, and you should not depend on other people to make you happy at all times. It is a good practice to surround yourself with other happy people to enhance your happiness, but you also need to learn how to be happy on your own.

Keep these five tips in mind and consciously work towards developing a more positive attitude every single day. Take time out for yourself and your thoughts and teach yourself to focus on the good things in life.


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Celebrity news that will leave-your mouth open

As we spend time online browsing over the random digital content, we eventually end up being accustomed to decent dose of entertainment through celebrity news blogs. No matter how weird or idiosyncratic the celebrity news blogs are, we as a community neither question them nor do we bat our eyebrows over their sanity or rationale of the content.

We love the scandalous celebrity news blogs exactly the same way we love junk foods. Spicier it gets, the better it tastes and the more we desire to consume it. If you have a knack to spy into the private lives of celebs, there are millions of celebrity news blogs that will keep you posted on whom they have gone for dinner at a exotic place with last night and what they did afterwards.


As the celebrities command a privileged position in the society, there is an enormous sense of curiosity about what they do in their personal life and how they conduct themselves in their bedroom, boardroom, living room or even in the bathroom.

Our unputdownable curiosity and insatiable quest to sneak into the personal space of tinsel town celebrities plays an important role to make celebrity news blogs most popular among different forms of online publication.

No longer we treat the celebrities as a real person hence we do not bother to honor the secrecy of their private life. We never question the camera angle neither we think about the moral jurisdiction of the act of our interference into others life.

The celebrities never complain too. They just keep radiating the stellar smile around and greet everyone as humbly as always. We always tend to look up to these Hollywood celebrities through celebrity news blogs, imitate their moves, worship them and take turns to look at ourselves through the prism of their influence upon us as we believe that they govern better control of their lives. It has its side effects too. We often resort to an act of character assassination by firing salvo of lewd comment at them if they are found to have behaved in contrary to the common perception of community at large.


Celebrity news blogs and paparazzi photography are just the opposite side of the same coin called celebrity journalism. They both work in tandem to articulate the right ingredients of entertainment for celebrity news blogs. Too much of spices or sauces can kill the taste of the news which is being baked and grilled in the kitchen of celebrity news blogs.

Any news linked to any speculation about celeb’s relationship status, romantic tryst with their secret


Celebrity news blogs and paparazzi photography are just the opposite side of the same coin called celebrity journalism. They both work in tandem to articulate the right ingredients of entertainment for celebrity news blogs. Too much of spices or sauces can kill the taste of the news which is being baked and grilled in the kitchen of celebrity news blogs.

Any news linked to any speculation about celeb’s relationship status, romantic tryst with their secret

partners or even their night out plans evince the potential and strong likelihood to occupy headlines in any popular celebrity news blogs. Paparazzies always try to gather pictorial evidence to establish the authenticity and genuineness of the gossip published in a celebrity news blog.

Yes, there is a clause of image copyright that defines the legality of how the photographs clicked by a paparazzi can be obtained. Celebrity news blogs editors usually work in collaboration with paparazzi by negotiating the value of their image copyright to get the exclusive pictures published with their blogs. Therefore both the paparazzi and the celebrity news blog writers help us forge a special connection with the galaxy of stars in Hollywood.


Hollywood is a degree thing which is known for its movies as much as its gossips. Hollywood movies keep you awake all night and its gossips get your eyes glued to your digital screen without even a single wink of nap throughout the day.

Some of the gossip, occupying space in celebrity news blogs are so intriguing that they hold you at the edge of your seat and never let you recline back.

In this article, we will dish out some of the most

uncanny gossips that you may find as strange as a perfect science fiction script authored by Nolan or Spielberg.


David Beckham purchased a platinum dildo embroidered with a diamond base at the top for her wife. The soccer superstar though remained tight-lipped about the purchase, some of the celebrity news blogs made the speculation of the purchase public.

Being a soccer legend, he might have a special connection with the gadgets and gears associated with any kind of sports.

Victoria being the lucky recipient of the toy, can only tell us whether it is “A bend it like Beckham” moment for her.


Celebrity news blogs advocate and circulate the speculation that Walt Disney, the man who germinates the seed of his creative idea into a successful production studio in Hollywood, wanted his body to be preserved cryogenically under Disneyland after his death.

In a bid to pay tribute to his last wishes, his body is believed to have been kept frozen under Cinderilla’s castle inside Disney’s largest amusement park in California.

A life so colorful and crafted with the best of animation deserves an eventful and fairytale after-life beyond the horizon of death.


This is probably the funniest and the weirdest of all the rumors of recent times that Lady Gaga got herself into. The best side of the story is that it puts her back again in the limelight.

Lady Gaga has always been crowned with controversies but this is something that would probably transcend all the limits of body shaming.

The incident reiterates that celebrity news blogs can go to any extent to make their content stay on top even at the expense of peddling rumors. No

one really knows how much grit it takes not to react to these media reports and let your mental health immunize to their consequences.

However, standing tall & upright in the face of such rumors requires a monumental masculine phenomenon that only a penis cannot do justice to.


Kim’s obsession with her divine butt has elevated her stardom to the next level. There are celebrities who are known for their work, some may be noted for their unparalleled look or appearance, but there is only one who is being featured in regular intervals on the cover page of almost all the popular fashion and lifestyle magazines driven by the virtue and worth of her buttock.

The whole world admits that the best sculpture of the world deserves the best of maintenance and realignment for significant improvement and constant restoration. Though the owner of the butt

never gave her nod to the speculation, we all believe it to be a truth. After all, we all know all’s well that looks well.


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Why do you need to know everything about fashion?

Fashion is not something that is only created by designers. It is something that celebrities and stars emulate. It is something original that gets written in fashion blogs by fashion bloggers and influencers in the digital medium.

Fashion is individualistic. Fashion is seen even in our smallest endeavors. We often think that fashion is all about dressing up. But it is much more than this.

EVERYTHING ABOUT FASHION In its truest sense, fashion is about defining your style. It is indeed the interpretation of your style and extension of your personality.

Let us see the examples. Remember, how Mao’s suit encouraged millions with formal business attire.

Cut to the present – Princess Diana’s dressing style is still emulated by many in the western world.

Fashion, therefore, denotes not only style but also power, and influence.


fashion designFashion is defined as the collective style that is worn by a group of people at a given time. The fashion industry itself encompasses the entire gamut of clothes and accessories.

From fashion design to manufacturing, distributing, retailing, marketing, promoting, and advertising, the multi-billion-dollar global fashion industry encompasses all these aspects.

While fashion magazines like Vogue typically launch a style, today social media plays a crucial role in fashion netting and influencer marketing. Bloggers and fashion influencers are popular today because their followers are listening to them all the time.

The fashion industry consists of high-fashion or haute couture designer clothes to everyday ordinary wear, also called mass fashion.


DEFINE YOUR STYLEIf you are not too keen to know about what is trending in the fashion industry, you would slowly start to feel that you are living in a foreign country. A place where everyone else has a hold on the language except you! In no time, you will become the outsider.

Since our public appearance and presentation plays a significant role in how we are accepted by others, be ready to get forlorn soon!

The sense of the fashion world is no more about a choice. It should be a part of your life. When you discover that everyone around you knows what to wear and how to wear it well except you, it could become a great source of disappointment for you.

Not to be disheartened, you should know that people who seem to have a natural eye for everything fashionable are people who have practiced this for long. If you have kept yourself away from the fashion industry, it is time that you catch up.

All that you should be doing is to follow some of the top fashion bloggers and their blogs to stay updated. And it does not need to be expensive. Neither does it need to have social approval.

Of course, you need to keep your fashion statement within the laid-down rules of civilization. But your creativity and uniqueness should be exemplified through the clothing and the accessories that you wear.

The final objective of fashion is to liberate yourself; harness your creative potential; love yourself, and project what you truly are.


HELPS YOU CREATE MEMORABLE FIRST IMPRESSIONSLet us face it that your clothing, your external appearance, your choice of clothes and accessories all latently attract or distract people.

While many people feel that they do not need the approval of others and clothes are just a means to keep their bodies warm and nothing else, the truth is that fashion is taken as a form of self-expression.

If you are someone who believes in keeping away from the style department, you may find that you have a lesser number of friends around, at least, initially. Once your personality comes through, you will have a following or not depending on your nature.

So, it is how you dress and what you wear that helps create those ever-lasting first memories. Being fashionable does not mean that you follow mainstream fashion, though.

You can choose to be unique and different by deliberately portraying your stylish look and choosing to dress against the current tide, or you can follow the mainstream style. It is your choice. And that is the best part of being fashion conscious.


IT IMPROVES YOUR SELF- CONFIDENCEFashion is an integrated perception of a person. It means that the kind of clothes one wears, the way she wears and carries herself, the accessories that are chosen, and more all express the fashion taste of an individual.

You could be wearing something from a top-notch fashion brand or choose your unique style.

What is of underlying importance is that you are comfortable and confident in what you are wearing.

More than your dress and accessories, it is your attitude and confidence that people look at when they see you in the first glimpse. It is what forms your fashion statement.

No doubt, fashion is all about expressing your individual preferences and personality.

You need to know everything about fashion and the fashion world so that you can portray the real you.


NEW STYLES APPEAR ALMOST DAILY AT MAJOR FAST FASHION RETAILERSAs a newcomer to style and fashion or as an oldie, you need to keep yourself updated on the latest trends to keep yourself at the top.

It is almost every other day that fashion and style change or newer ones appear at a retailer. One way is to go out, purchase and wear it to a party or to work to see if the new style finds your acceptance or not.

The other way is to observe and keep track of how the newest styles are behaving – are they creating euphoria, or they are being ignored. Keep referring to fashion blogs and magazines, browse through different fashion photography creative, and stay updated.

Changing trends can break the ceiling anytime. It all depends on the overall acceptance of the new lines and styles. By knowing everything about fashion, you will always stay informed on the industry.


Knowing the in and the out of fashion puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to styling your wardrobe.

Since style and fashion trends change fast, you can choose styles that have timeless relevance and approach. It means that you can wear it anytime if your size does not change.

Ageless pieces of garments, footwear, and accessories need a lot of research and knowledge. But you need not be a fashion designer to choose these ageless beauties.

All you need to do is to have your facts straight and select something from fashion houses that are never going to lose their charm or elegance.

Tips to fill your wardrobe with timeless fashionable pieces:

  1. Decide Colors That Define You – It is always ideal to first decide your color style. Which are the colors that define you? Which accentuates your personality and figure?

First, decide your selected palette of colors that is representative of your style. The main colors are ones that blend perfectly with you.

  1. Choose Your Accent Color – These are colors that are not used frequently and generally work for accessories. Choose colors that work with at least two or three main colors.
  2. Select Your Neutral-color Coordinating Essentials – Decide which neutral colors are your colors – black, cream white, brown, grey, and so on.

  3. Add-In Something Comfortable – Comfort is crucial. Yes, the most important. If the dress is causing you discomfort, it will show sooner or later.

While it is important to be trendy, your body should take to the garment like fish to water. So, knowing everything about fashion helps you always keep ahead and choose a style that relaxes you and provides you security.

  1. Pick Out Something New – While you need to have timeless beauties in your wardrobe, you need to add newer times, be it a couture collection or just a simple garment from the retailer.

Knowing fashion, and awareness about your style and comfort helps you in picking garments and items that will have heads turn when you dress in these.

Finally, fashion is all about how you highlight your personality and attitude to the world. When you know, you will be able to make the right choices and decisions for yourself.


KNOWING WHICH FASHION BRANDS YOU ARE COMFORTABLE WITHThere is an endless number of brands that control the way and the direction in fashion moves. From mass-fashion tohaute couture, it is your choice. Over a while, you get comfortable and confident with specific brands.

Local or international, namesake brands, or top-of-the-notch genuine brands (like Comme des Garçons) — if you are someone who has kept a track of how the fashion industry has been moving over the years through the likes of the Libertine show, you will be able to choose brands that make your body feel the most loved.

For someone who is not too well-versed with trends, choosing a few brands of their choice can be mind-boggling. They would need to do plenty of trial-and-error, over a length of time, to finally get to the choicest ones.

Designer wear or mass-fashion, you will get imitations and duplication everywhere. The bottom line is – wear comfy clothes and accessories and pick brands that help you do so.


WEAR YOUR BEST COLORS WHENEVER YOU CANColors of your clothing and accessories you wear define your style as much the design, the pattern, the flow, the fitting, fabric, or any other aspect of the dress.

Knowing what is happening in the fashion industry helps you in creating the best visual references for your style – giving you the confidence to carry the color with ease and seamlessly.

Why restrict yourself with a few limited colors? In a world where new fashion trends come in every day, you need to have the knowledge of the latest color palette and blend your style with the same.

Flamboyance or subtle, best colors can give newer dimensions to your personality and sophisticated attitude. Stay on the top by keeping yourself informed!


Your fashion statement is your creation. If you are fashion conscious and wish to know what is happening in the fashion world, subscribe and follow this fashion blog for more such interesting content.

Improve your quality of life with these tips

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the current state of things? Have you been wanting to change your life and improve its quality but do not know how to get started? Change is scary, but to reach a better state, you have to take the initiative to change. And it not only limits to planning but to take the next step.

You can read the best of the best lifestyle blogs, but if you do not put the words you read to action, you will not be able to bring positive changes in your life. Remember, even little changes you make, starting as early as now, can add up to improve the overall quality of your life.

But before you jump into reading about effective ways to improve your quality of life, you need to ask yourself what a good quality of life means to you. Your quality of life includes everything – your mind, body, relationships, career, and your environment. Your quality of life is something that you owe yourself and should be modeled depending on your own needs, wants, likes, and dislikes.

You can get inspired by the people around you and use that inspiration to define your own life, but do not let somebody else’s idea of a perfect life dictate your own choices. Your life should excite you; it should make you want to jump out of bed every morning with a smile and a plan to take charge of the day.

Material things and wealth are, no doubt, great things to aim for, but at the end of the day, ultimate satisfaction comes from inner peace and happiness. It comes from seeking better experiences, from having a positive view of life, and from improving the overall quality of you and your environment.

Everybody has a different idea of what their ideal life looks like, it is subjective, and you do not need to give justifications and explanations to anybody else about the quality of life you aim to achieve for yourself.

Before you go on to the next section, take a few minutes and picture your ideal life. Who you are, where you live, what your relationships look like, what your job is, and any other important detail you would like to include.

Now that you have a picture of the life you want to live, here are some ways in which you can improve your quality of life. So, do not put this off for any longer. Then perfect time to start is right now!


put yourself to the topMost people have the habit of starting their day with a to-do list or a priority list where they make a note of all the essential tasks that they need to get done on that particular day or week.

Get back to phone calls and emails, reach out and check in with other people, finish assignments for school or college, and much more.

If you are one of those people who love making lists, ask yourself this – when was the last time you put yourself on your priority list for the day?

Work, school, and familyobligations probably take over a major portion of your day, but that does not mean you should neglect yourself and your needs. It is important to take breaks and check-in with yourself from time to time.

It does not have to be something grand and elaborate like going to a spa for a relaxing massage or watching Netflix for three straight hours. Dance in your room for 10 minutes, go out on the patio or to your window and get some vitamin D or feel the rain or snow on your skin, look in the mirror and smile at yourself, remind yourself that you are smart, brave, and powerful. In this chaotic and fast-paced world, it is crucial to pause and focus on yourself, or you will get burnt out without even realizing it. Improving yourself is the first step you can take towards improving your quality of life.


healthy habitsIt is next to impossible to improve your quality of life if you are leading an unhealthy lifestyle. Ordering takes out 5 days a week, working out only once or twice a month, staying up late and sacrificing sleep to binge-watch your favorite show. These all are perfect examples of short term or instant gratifications that will harm you in the long run.

While it is okay to indulge in these activities occasionally, start incorporating healthier habits into your daily routine if you want to start seeing improvements in the overall quality of your life. Regular exercise is known not just to improve your physical health but has a huge role to play in your mental well-being as well. Physical activities boost your overall mood, can improve the health of your skin and nails, keep your joints healthy, regulate your sleeping patterns, and much more.

Commit to working out at least three to four days a week, and you will start noticing its benefits almost immediately. When it comes to your food habits, you do not have to throw out all the yummy (but unhealthy!) food items from your pantry just yet.

Allow yourself one or two cheat meals every week and have whole foods that are high in protein, fiber, and vitamins for the rest of your week. And do not forget to hydrate yourself. Drink at least eight glasses of water every day to keep all your organs functioning smoothly. Aim to get at least seven hours of sleep every night, and you will notice how drastically your mood and productivity levels improve the next day. Sleeping not only resets and refreshes your mind but keeps your skin healthy and glowing too. It is not called beauty sleep for anything! If all of this sounds like a lot, relax. You do not have to start doing all of these things from day one. Take baby steps and make small changes every day and add more things to your daily healthy routine as you make progress.


learn something newYou do not have to learn a whole new language or teach yourself how to code if that is not something you like. Learning something new does not have to be complicated. Make learning fun, and that way, you will be more likely to stick to it long term. Read up a fun fact, look up how the laptop or phone you are reading this blog on was designed, try mental exercises and puzzles to keep your mind sharp, the possibilities are endless.

Learning something new every day is a great way to distract your brain from the stresses of daily life while also adding value to the overall quality of your life. Mental exercisesare also an excellent way to keep your brain healthy and improve certain cognitive functions. Just like you exercise your body, take the time out to exercise your mind by learning something new. And you never know, in this quest of learning something new every day, you might stumble upon something you love and are passionate about that you can even turn into a full-time career in the future!


quality life circleYou have probably heard some variation of the quote that says you are an average of the five people you are closest to. While we have no way of mathematically proving if this is correct, people are indeed influenced by people they surround themselves with. So, it is important to build a support network of people who inspire you to do better and be better.

We, humans, are social beings, and we need to build meaningful connections with people to grow and find happiness. You do not need to have a big circle of people; just a handful of your closest friends and family will contribute greatly to your well-being. The relationships you have with people can impact your mental health to a great extent, so make sure to distance yourself from people who drain your energy or do not have your best interests in mind. It is not often easy to cut off from people you have had a connection with, but if the cons of having the person in your life outweigh the pros, it is time to let them go.


set boundariesSet boundaries even with your family members and closest friends and let them know that you will be unavailable for certain types of tasks or times of the day. You will have to make them realize that it is about your personal space. Use this extra time on your hand to focus on yourself and your priorities.


The fear of rejection and the fear of looking rude and unprofessional might stop you at first, but once you realize the importance of reclaiming your time, you will start to see how often you said yes only on impulse.

The next time you are asked to do something for somebody else- pause, reflect, and say yes only if you mean it 100%. If you are still not convinced, look at it this way – saying no to others is saying yes to yourself. Let this be the YES you say out loud!


It is not unusual to get stuck in a rut and get bored of living the same day every day. On days like this, it is important to remind yourself that you can live an awesome life. You deserve to live a life that you love and are proud of.

If you want to wake up feeling like you are living the best version of your life, incorporate the five simple tips mentioned above and watch the magic happen.

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