Celebrity news and gossip that will lure you in

Celebrity news and gossip from various sources will lure you into the magical world of your favorite and most talked about celebrities.

How about a little gossip session about our favorite celebrities? The lifestyles of our favorite celebrities have always been a topic of interest for most of us. The craze for celebrity news and gossip keeps us glued to social media. In today’s article, we will give you the most exciting and popular celebrity news that is sure to bring a smile on your face and quench your thirst for celebrity gossip.


It is quite interesting how some popular celebrities give controversial statements on social networks in the heat of the moment. More surprisingly, they express their mistake later. The 79-year-old former game show host, Chuck Woolery, became a hot topic of celebrity news and gossip when he tweeted on social media that everyone is lying about COVID-19.

The statement was in total circulation when President Donald Trump retweeted the comment. He lacked good judgment when he said that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the democrats, and the media are lying about COVID-19.

In a cover story by CBS News, President Donald Trump said, “There are many people who think that we shouldn’t do this kind of testing, because all we do, it’s a trap.”

However, it became a topic of celebrity news and gossip when the same Chuck Woolery, had one of his sons tested positive for COVID-19.

To cover up his mistake, he tweeted again that his

son had tested positive. He added that he was sorry for those who were suffering from COVID-19. But to the surprise of the column fillers, the tweet disappeared after two days.


Our favorite celebrity, Chris Evans, or rather Captain America, is known for his fitness regime, great physique, and killer looks. He recently became a popular choice for celebrity news and gossip and gained the love and respect of millions.

Evans planned to send his Captain America shield to a 6-year-old kid, who received ninety stitches while saving his baby sister from a charging dog. Even the little boy became famous on social media for all the right reasons.

Chris Evans praised the little champ and said” What you did was so brave, so selfless, your sister is so lucky to have you as a big brother. Your parents must be so proud of you”.  The little boy is no less than any superhero.  His mother said that after getting bitten several times by the dog, the little hero made the perfect jump, grabbed his sister’s hand, and ran to safety.

The proud mother said, “We love our brave boy and want all the other superheroes to know about this latest hero who joined their ranks” The news made headlines in celebrity news and gossip.

Brie Larson, Grant Gustin, and Mark Ruffalo were all praises for the little hero who had made them proud.


Celebrity marriages have always been a cover story for celebrity news and gossip. Celebrities always do things keeping in mind their identity factor, be it their marriage, lifestyle, or profession.

One such celebrity news in total circulation was the marriage of Princess Beatrice with Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi in a private ceremony.

Princess Beatrice is the daughter of Prince Andrew and his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson. The royal marriage took place at The Royal Chapel of All Saints at Royal Lodge in Windsor.

According to a genuine source sheet, the marriage was attended by Queen Elizabeth, the Duke of Edinburgh, and other close family members. Since the wedding took place amidst the global pandemic, all necessary precautions were taken to maintain safety.

The royal marriage was canceled earlier because

of the pandemic. Our celebrity obsession is so strong that we are always hyped for such celebrity news and gossip.


Our favorite celebrities and their love for material goods have always been a matter of celebrity news and gossip. The celebs make sure that they make a 100 percent gain from their extravagant shopping! George Lucas owns a fire truck! Are you wondering if it’s true? Why, yes.  It’s a fact.

Pop singer Celion Dion created a hype in celebrity news and gossip when it was discovered she owns a humidifier that cost her a whopping $2 million.

Nonetheless, her intentions were genuine.  She had to protect her voice from the desert air in Las

Vegas. Our favorite celebrity and singer does not earn by any criminal means. So, she is free to spend on anything and everything! So what do you think about your favorite people’s material goods?


Orlando Bloom is in total circulation in celebrity news and gossip. Our favorite celebrity is upset.  It feels great to know that sometimes celebrities exude feelings that are quite similar to ours, especially love for their pets.

Orlando Bloom recently posted on Instagram that his pet dog, Mighty, has been missing, and the actor is heart-broken.

He urged his fans to help him find his canine friend. He stated that the dog is chipped, and his collar contains a phone number.

The actor pleaded that if anybody found the dog, they should take him to the police station, an animal shelter or a vet.

The actor claimed that if anybody helped him, they would be handsomely rewarded. Such celebrity

news and gossip prove again and again that our favorite celebrities have a heart of gold.


Celebrity news and celebrity names are always active on social media. They satisfy our thirst for celebrity news and gossip.  Recently, the celebrity name that is in total circulation is Gigi Hadid and her pregnancy. The 25-year-old star confirmed her pregnancy on Instagram Live.

On being asked questions about her pregnancy, our favorite celebrity said, “I think a lot of people are confused about why I’m not sharing more, but like, I’m pregnant through a pandemic. Like, my pregnancy is not the most important thing going on in the world,

Gigi further said more important things are going on in the world now, like the coronavirus pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement, that deserve more attention than celebrity news and gossip.

She also opined, “that’s a reason that I’ve felt that it’s not really something that I need to share, apart from with my family and friends” Gigi Hadid is keeping her pregnancy away from celebrity news and gossip for the time being.

She is focusing more on her collaboration with V Magazine.  This is her first baby with Zayn Malik.  Plus, she has promised fans that she will share all her pregnancy away from celebrity news and gossip for the time being.

She is focusing more on her collaboration with V Magazine.  This is her first baby with Zayn Malik.  Plus, she has promised fans that she will share all her pregnancy experiences but at the right time.

For the time being, she is sharing all her pictures with close friends and family. What makes her more famous in celebrity news and gossip is her genuineness and truthfulness.


Stars love to create news with their weird obsessions. The identity factor is a massive concern for them. Whether to maintain their lifestyle or create a buzz in celebrity news and gossip, they always want to stay in the limelight.

Otherwise, who buys an entire town for themselves? Yes, you heard right, a whole town! Kim Basinger was in the headlines of celebrity news and gossip when she bought an entire town named Braselton, Georgia, with a whopping sum

of $20 million. Celebrities are sometimes so whimsical! The best part is she sold it five years later for only $1 million.

What can be said about the strange obsession of our honorable U.S President Donald Trump! His Boeing 757 is decorated with 24-carat gold-plated seat belts, gold silk line walls in the bedroom, and gold-plated sink and shower in the bathroom. I think this the best celebrity news and gossip for the day!

Why should we leave out Rihanna and her strange obsession with her hair! Rihanna and her obsession with her hair were in total circulation in celebrity news and gossip. Why wouldn’t it be! She spends an amount of $1,168,000 annually to make sure that her hair is pretty enough to attract the paparazzi. Isn’t that amazing!


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Celebrity news that will leave-your mouth open

As we spend time online browsing over the random digital content, we eventually end up being accustomed to decent dose of entertainment through celebrity news blogs. No matter how weird or idiosyncratic the celebrity news blogs are, we as a community neither question them nor do we bat our eyebrows over their sanity or rationale of the content.

We love the scandalous celebrity news blogs exactly the same way we love junk foods. Spicier it gets, the better it tastes and the more we desire to consume it. If you have a knack to spy into the private lives of celebs, there are millions of celebrity news blogs that will keep you posted on whom they have gone for dinner at a exotic place with last night and what they did afterwards.


As the celebrities command a privileged position in the society, there is an enormous sense of curiosity about what they do in their personal life and how they conduct themselves in their bedroom, boardroom, living room or even in the bathroom.

Our unputdownable curiosity and insatiable quest to sneak into the personal space of tinsel town celebrities plays an important role to make celebrity news blogs most popular among different forms of online publication.

No longer we treat the celebrities as a real person hence we do not bother to honor the secrecy of their private life. We never question the camera angle neither we think about the moral jurisdiction of the act of our interference into others life.

The celebrities never complain too. They just keep radiating the stellar smile around and greet everyone as humbly as always. We always tend to look up to these Hollywood celebrities through celebrity news blogs, imitate their moves, worship them and take turns to look at ourselves through the prism of their influence upon us as we believe that they govern better control of their lives. It has its side effects too. We often resort to an act of character assassination by firing salvo of lewd comment at them if they are found to have behaved in contrary to the common perception of community at large.


Celebrity news blogs and paparazzi photography are just the opposite side of the same coin called celebrity journalism. They both work in tandem to articulate the right ingredients of entertainment for celebrity news blogs. Too much of spices or sauces can kill the taste of the news which is being baked and grilled in the kitchen of celebrity news blogs.

Any news linked to any speculation about celeb’s relationship status, romantic tryst with their secret


Celebrity news blogs and paparazzi photography are just the opposite side of the same coin called celebrity journalism. They both work in tandem to articulate the right ingredients of entertainment for celebrity news blogs. Too much of spices or sauces can kill the taste of the news which is being baked and grilled in the kitchen of celebrity news blogs.

Any news linked to any speculation about celeb’s relationship status, romantic tryst with their secret

partners or even their night out plans evince the potential and strong likelihood to occupy headlines in any popular celebrity news blogs. Paparazzies always try to gather pictorial evidence to establish the authenticity and genuineness of the gossip published in a celebrity news blog.

Yes, there is a clause of image copyright that defines the legality of how the photographs clicked by a paparazzi can be obtained. Celebrity news blogs editors usually work in collaboration with paparazzi by negotiating the value of their image copyright to get the exclusive pictures published with their blogs. Therefore both the paparazzi and the celebrity news blog writers help us forge a special connection with the galaxy of stars in Hollywood.


Hollywood is a degree thing which is known for its movies as much as its gossips. Hollywood movies keep you awake all night and its gossips get your eyes glued to your digital screen without even a single wink of nap throughout the day.

Some of the gossip, occupying space in celebrity news blogs are so intriguing that they hold you at the edge of your seat and never let you recline back.

In this article, we will dish out some of the most

uncanny gossips that you may find as strange as a perfect science fiction script authored by Nolan or Spielberg.


David Beckham purchased a platinum dildo embroidered with a diamond base at the top for her wife. The soccer superstar though remained tight-lipped about the purchase, some of the celebrity news blogs made the speculation of the purchase public.

Being a soccer legend, he might have a special connection with the gadgets and gears associated with any kind of sports.

Victoria being the lucky recipient of the toy, can only tell us whether it is “A bend it like Beckham” moment for her.


Celebrity news blogs advocate and circulate the speculation that Walt Disney, the man who germinates the seed of his creative idea into a successful production studio in Hollywood, wanted his body to be preserved cryogenically under Disneyland after his death.

In a bid to pay tribute to his last wishes, his body is believed to have been kept frozen under Cinderilla’s castle inside Disney’s largest amusement park in California.

A life so colorful and crafted with the best of animation deserves an eventful and fairytale after-life beyond the horizon of death.


This is probably the funniest and the weirdest of all the rumors of recent times that Lady Gaga got herself into. The best side of the story is that it puts her back again in the limelight.

Lady Gaga has always been crowned with controversies but this is something that would probably transcend all the limits of body shaming.

The incident reiterates that celebrity news blogs can go to any extent to make their content stay on top even at the expense of peddling rumors. No

one really knows how much grit it takes not to react to these media reports and let your mental health immunize to their consequences.

However, standing tall & upright in the face of such rumors requires a monumental masculine phenomenon that only a penis cannot do justice to.


Kim’s obsession with her divine butt has elevated her stardom to the next level. There are celebrities who are known for their work, some may be noted for their unparalleled look or appearance, but there is only one who is being featured in regular intervals on the cover page of almost all the popular fashion and lifestyle magazines driven by the virtue and worth of her buttock.

The whole world admits that the best sculpture of the world deserves the best of maintenance and realignment for significant improvement and constant restoration. Though the owner of the butt

never gave her nod to the speculation, we all believe it to be a truth. After all, we all know all’s well that looks well.


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