Living a luxury lifestyle on a budget

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you read these two words – a luxury lifestyle? The high-flying lifestyle of millionaires, billionaires, or Hollywood stars!

A private charter jet, a high-end yacht, an expensive business class ticket on Singapore Airlines, a high-end Rolex watch, Gucci sneakers, a Louis Vuitton handbag, dining in the most expensive restaurant, or a stay in the priciest hotel in the country, aka Moana Lani in Urban Honolulu!

Or is it the experience of sitting in a business class in any Airline, a prized and memorable dinner event with the family at a top restaurant in your city, a designer purse from a local brand?

Or better still, just a simple bunch of fresh flowers in the room, a hand-made artisan wooden frame, a stay at an eco-friendly resort?


luxurious lifestyleLuxury is something that is not common – it could be a product, a service, a feeling, or an experience. Anything that you cannot afford, monetarily and practically every day, can be termed as a luxury.

The word has different interpretations for different people.

Generally speaking, luxury is associated with quality products, unique concepts, high prices, and amazing experiences.

Lifestyle is how you go about living your daily life. What are the things you do? What do you wear? How do you travel? What and where do you eat? What do you drink? What kind of furniture do you have? What routine do you follow? 

There are innumerable components to our lifestyle. Every small little thing that is part of our daily living impacts our lifestyle.

What you choose to make part of your life is a decision that you need to take. In the end, these are the products and services that are going to determine whether you have a luxury lifestyleor not.

Since luxury is more about an experience, and a feeling, you need to choose things that make you feel the best, happiest, elated, satisfied, deserving, and so on.

When you focus on treating yourself to the best things in life, as much as your pocket allows, you can be sure of living a luxurious life without a big budget!

As the saying goes, ‘Live life like a King’ but do so within your means. Or else, you will keep working like a slave and never get to enjoy the essence of the lifestyle that you worked so hard to get.


luxury lifestyle without big budgetThe focus of the blog today is to get that luxurious lifestyle that you have always aspired for – to do it in a way that does not pinch your pocket.

This means that you get the luxury brands that you have always dreamt of but in a budgeted manner. You have to be creative.You need to strategize well and plan it properly to get there.

Arbitrary work will not help in getting you a luxury lifestyle – there has to be a concerted and dedicated effort – from setting a goal to planning it out, to be innovative and original, you need to treat this as a project on hand!

Let’s assume that you have always aspired to have the Mercedes-Benz C-Class standing in the driveway of your home. More than a status symbol, possession of this luxury item is a dream for you.

It is an experience that you wish to go through in this lifetime! It is a lifestyle dream for you. You have two choices to get there:

Option 1– earn and save as much. It could take years, at times, unfortunately – a lifetime of hard work and struggle. And many times, it remains unfulfilled.

Option 2 – take it as a project; earn and look for ways to get one affordably. So, maybe you could buy a second-hand Mercedes-Benz C-Class car – fulfill your dream and get it at reasonable prices!

Some creative ways to enjoy the greatest luxury in life.


LUXURY HOTELS AND DESTINATIONSA very practical way to enjoy the best things in life! Why should only the millionaires and the billionaires of the world have all the fun?

You can plan your vacations – annual, or weekly during the off-season when most hotel chains, including the high-end and premium ones, offer attractive discounts.

Another smart thing to do is to book your holidays much in advance. Hotels, and airlines, including the big names in the industry, offer the best rates when you make your bookings 6 months or a year before.

Do it in a planned manner.


ENROLL FOR PRODUCT TESTINGYou could sign up for product testing. Some brands offer free luxury experiences – this means it does not cost you any money; instead, you get to experience the product or service and then give your feedback.

Being a part of the consumer testing group is not an easy affair, though. You are responsible for giving honest reviews and feedback.

But, the pros are many – you get to live the luxurious life that you have always wanted, as well as, keep back the free items, whether you love them or hate them.


INEXPENSIVE CRUISEIf you are looking at enjoying a luxurious cruise, the best option is not to go and look for cheap luxury cruises – you will not get one.

The right thing to do is to wait for attractive deals to come through.

True, luxury is the high-end cruise lines. If you are looking to experience one such journey, go in for all-inclusive packages that are often cheaper than the al-carte rates.

Luxury cruises are usually a week and longer. Often, they stretch up to months. But, since there are budgetary constraints for you, and you wish to enjoy a luxurious cruise, go in for the shorter cruises. You can also book early, take advantage of discounted deals from your favorite brands or book in a group to enjoy a life-changing experience.


DESIGNER ITEMS FROM RENTAL STORES ONLINEIf you look closely, you will find many online fashion retail shops that offer various designer items, especially like designer outfits on rent.

The rental amount varies depending on the brand and the duration for which you take.

The most joyous part is that you get to wear your dream brands, with excellent costume design at a fraction of the market prices.


One thing good about international premium brands – the top ones – is that they keep launching newer items every season.

In the process, they often ship the overstock items from previous seasons and years to their retail outlets.

These are then sold at amazingly discounted prices. They have clearance sales where you can get some best offers.

For example, you can find items that come at 70% less than the original price. Isn’t that incredible?

Many of your colleagues, bosses, friends, and relatives are living their luxury dreams by choosing to smartly invest in discounted options.


fitness and wellnessWant to treat your skin to a luxurious spa massage or buy skin products from a famed brand? Here, exorbitantly high prices can be a big demotivator.

One of the best things to do is to look out for discounted deals on the services – all brands announce once in a while.

From introductory offers to complimentary massages and classes, there are lots that happen behind-the-scenes. Just keep yourself updated, if you are luxury brand conscious, and you will surely find deals that fit your budget.


restaurant style foodIf you love to dine out and at some of the most expensive restaurants in your city, if you are crazy about a celebrity chef’s cooking style, it is time that you learn the art too.

It will save you tones of money each year while ensuring that you treat your family to some of the most delectable food on weekends and special days.

The next time that you need to entertain friends and colleagues, you can confidently do so at your home—cooking your favorite food – serving them  at home! delicious and cozy restaurant-style dinner


sample sizesIf you are a shopaholic, you will have a fair idea about the great places to get free sample products from luxury brands.

Say, for example, you could try Sephora.

When you shop here, you get miniature samples, especially perfumes, or skin products from top brands. It is one of the best ways to experience a high-end brand.


replica productsOne good option to enjoy your favorite brands is to splurge on replica products. There are many stores online that sell the good quality of duplicate products.

The finish is so precise, that even the most trained eyes are unable to detect the difference.

The prices are amazing, making them some of the best finds for a lifetime.


experimental modelOne excellent way to get a free massage or a make-up done from the most prized spa or beauty studio in the city is to become an experimental model.

Starting with free samples, there are free trials and demos that institutes and organizations carry out for their new students and recruits.

As a model, you will be invited for demos, making it a good opportunity to relax and enjoy the experience.


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How to manage a luxurious lifestyle?

This luxury lifestyle blog talks about getting to that dream luxurious lifestyle, which so many of us aspire for. The fact is that many of us can afford the lifestyle, but lack of know-how or trust keeps us away from getting to it.

Time, many say, is the most luxurious thing on Earth. As long as you have the time to enjoy and live a contented life, you can spread your wings to embrace luxury.

Think of a dying man who is a top-notch billionaire with all comforts of life surrounding him!

The sad part is that even after knowing that time is not something that we can grasp and grip in our hands, most of us spend our entire life, running to collect the riches of the world, never to sit back and enjoy them.

So, you have the wealth; you are an affluent individual; an HNI, but you are still spending all your waking hours running the race of life. Well, it is not that this is not important – of course, it is – after all, your wealth and opulence are all the result of it.

But it is time to stop and reflect! Take a break and understand the essence of your life. You wanted the luxurious lifestyle, and you have worked hard to build a fortune for yourself; but why are you still not having a quality life?

The good things in life, thankfully, are not too far. Wondering where and how to start? And, then what! How are you going to maintain consistency in your luxurious living?

When it is about luxury, all that you need to do today is to reach out to the right luxury concierge services. Well, you can choose to do it on your own too. But, knowing that you hardly have the time, it is a good idea to have an expert help you with making lifestyle choices.


concierge servicesWhat do lifestyle concierge services mean? How can an outsider help you set lifestyle standards? You would be surprised to know that many HNI’s and UHNI’s today are hiring personal concierge services to lead an uber-luxurious life!

Say, for example, you wish to attend the Oscars next year? Or you have a secret desire to board a private jet for your next trip. Or you wish to take your spouse to a fine dining treat at the Nice Guy in Las Vegas.

How do you go about it? Curating the best bespoke experience for special events or otherwise, you should rather have a specialist to do it on your behalf because they have the expertise to do so.

With an eye for details, and the panache for detailing, with experts on the job, your haute experience will be delivered immaculately and with unparalleled finesse. A personal concierge will take special care to deliver superlative experiences to his/her client!

Data gathered about the global personalized assistance services, or personal concierge services reflects the growing preference of the people for such services aptly.

1. In 2018, the concierge services market was worth USD 537.6 million.

2. The industry is growing at a CAGR of 5.3% each year.

The mantra is that if you have the means, then there is a concierge service out there that can offer you the way to get a sophisticated luxurious lifestyle.


LUXURY CONCIERGELuxury concierges are all about experiences. Whether it is a day-to-day activity, or planning a special event, concierge services have the expertise to make arrangements that include best-of-the-best brands, well-supported by premium and high-end services.

You could view this as an enviable key to unlocking a world full of crème le crème experiences. There is no scope of compromise on quality here – every tiny aspect is impeccably flawless.


concierge servicesThe concept of concierge services took birth in the hotel industry where a specialized group of staff members was responsible for offering personal assistance services. The group was called ‘Les clefs d’Or’.

What started as a simple service desk for offering personal assistance to guests within the hotel premises, later on, evolved to become more specialized service offerings. Over a period, the service providers focused on services that went beyond the conventional concierge services.

Experts took the perfect opportunity to go out of their way to curate bespoke lifestyle offerings for their clients, which transformed the meaning of concierge services.

The growth of lifestyle services is attributed to various factors. You should be typically looking at hiring luxury lifestyle services if you are someone:

-> Who has a large disposable income – people who are High Net Worth Individuals.

-> Who is short of time to take care of routine specialized tasks.

-> Who has a busy work-life.

-> Who loves to be part of private events or special occasions that are exclusive, and only the richest-of-the-rich are invited to.

The fact that the partnerships between high-end hotels, spas, restaurants, airlines, destinations, and other luxury brands have become stronger than ever before is a big boost to the industry too!

Going in for bespoke luxury services is a stress-free experience for customers; it helps them optimize their time and energy.


BEST LUXURY CONCIERGEThe best experiences, the best services, and the seamless flow of events are all some of the benefits of hiring a specialist from the field. But, how to select one often becomes a big question.

When considering outsourcing a high-end concierge service, remember to consider these features diligently:

1. What kind of services are you looking at outsourcing, and what is the specialty of the said service provider?

Example – you might be looking at someone who can offer you top-of-the-line inclusive luxury travel on a yacht in an exotic destination; or,

You could be looking for someone who is going to help you gain access to Page 3 parties of Hollywood.

Every exclusive concierge service provider will have its strengths and areas of expertise. Understand and comprehend the same well, before choosing.

2. Relevant experience of the service provider is another important aspect that needs to be thoroughly checked before appointing. If you are someone who needs international services, you cannot depend on someone who is an expert in local concierge services.

Customization and personalization are two important facets -the concierge service needs to be creative and innovative in its service offerings.

3. Where is the service provider located? Can you meet them on-demand anytime? Are they in your city or located at the end of the globe?

If you are someone who loves to have your professional service partners make themselves available in-person at the click of a finger, you might consider hiring someone closer to your office or residence.

4. The other important aspect of choosing a luxury lifestyle management company is the availability of the service provider round the clock. 

The partner must understand your lifestyle, the pace of your life, things that you love, and so on; and, has the flexibility, patience, and perseverance to sync its working with your demands.
5. Ethical and transparent handling is a crucial area too. You do not mind spending the money but ensure that there are hidden charges and clauses in the contract that you ruin your experience.


So, what is that a professional concierge service can do that HNI’s and tuber-rich hire their services?

Your wildest and craziest dreams can come true; if you take care to have the finest bespoke lifestyle management services provider do the job for you.

Remember, this is a creative area of work. Of course, expertise and experience are vital too. But, to fulfill your wish, the lifestyle management firm should be ready to venture out into unknown grounds and come up with ingenious ideas.

Look out for out-of-this-world exclusive experiences like:

– Having the Sydney Harbour Bridge closed to propose to your sweetheart. A company called Quintessentially goes far and beyond to do this for their prestigious clients.

– How about your wedding vows being renewed by the Pope himself? Or maybe a private charter jet journey over Antarctica; or, walking the red carpet at the Oscars with the top celebrities from Hollywood?

What is your luxury lifestyle dream? To be part of the next Paris Fashion Week or rent a private island in the Caribbean?

For those momentous memories and to live a life that is filled with grandeur, lavishness, and opulence, ensure that you have the right premium lifestyle management company working for you.


Luxury concierge is true comfort and stylized luxuriousness! To have those unique incredible red-carpet moments, make sure that you get in touch with the ones who can fix the perfect experience for you!

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