How to pick the best outfit from your closet

Woman’s closet is her most prized possession, and she can pull out wonders from it when she sets her mind to it. This closet also becomes her biggest nemesis when it is time to decide what to wear. The very first thought that comes to her mind is ‘ I have nothing to wear!’ but just a different accessory or a new color combination and bam! She creates a whole new outfit with what has been there in her closet all along.

Ever wondered how stunning it would be if every time you stepped out of the house, made heads turn with your impeccable style? As amazing and impossible it sounds, a true fashionista can make it happen just by the flick of her fingers; fingers that would pick out the right outfit options from her closet.


The way you dress reflects your personality and fashion sense.  When it comes to your dressing style, a lot depends on the kind of clothes you shop for. Most urban fashion blogs will tell you how you’ve got to have an eye for the best deals in town. But what they will not tell you is that it is equally important to have the knack for picking the right kind of clothes from your closet!

Some people grab from their closet the very first outfit that comes into their hand but, that’s not you, right? You like to take your time planning your ensemble, not just for a special occasion but every day. Some days you just want to follow some easy tips that will help you look great without too much effort.

You wish there was a magic wand that you could wave and the right kind of outfit would just fly out in your hands. This is where we come in, like the fairy godmother, with our tested fashion tips and outfit suggestions that would help you dress your best every day.

Gianni Versace said, ‘Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion your own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress, and the way to live’. You can create your style concept by picking the best outfit from your closet every day.

Let’s get you started on how you can come out looking great every day!


Our 1st step in outfit suggestion is Accent colors, it makes an outfit pop and act as the focal point for it. They are bright and add the much-needed interest to an otherwise drab outfit.  Although accent colors are supposed to be bright, you don’t need to go all guns blazing on them. Your accent colors don’t have to be the brightest one in town, not unless you can pull them off easily. These colors stand out more than the other colors on your outfit and are just what you need on a day when you are feeling a sunny and vibrant vibe around you.

You don’t need to color coordinate them with the available colors in your closet as they have a niche of their own. Accent colors can be used to highlight a particular feature as they have a great visual impact. Using them is the best way to draw attention to a particular body part and to balance your silhouette. So, a purple jacket is going to draw attention to your slim waist or a skirt in an accent color is going to highlight your toned thighs and derriere.

We suggest that there shouldn’t be too many of these colors in your closet. Just pick one or two items in these colors and keep updating them every season, having a different accent color for each season. So you can have earthy tones for summers and warm tones like sunny yellow for winters. Use just one piece in an accent color with an outfit.


As per the image above, you can add rust red or blue pieces as the accent color pieces in your closet to add a hint of excitement to a grey outfit.


Most women tend to have favorites in their closet that they instinctively pick every time they want to look great. If you’re one of those, such pieces either have a sentimental value attached to them, or they have proven their efficacy in making you look great. All your classic clothing items never go out of style. So, you can wear them over and again, as you style them innovatively with other clothing pieces to add a touch of novelty.

A perfect example of this would be a classic denim jacket that’s going to be a fashion circle favorite for many more years to come. Pairing a denim jacket with anything is an effortless way of creating a new look each time. The number of outfit possibilities you can have with a classic is just endless.

Another classic piece is a white t-shirt that looks great under a tailored blazer that you can wear to work. Ditch the blazer, throw over a spaghetti top over it, and you are ready for a night out with your besties.

Essentials in neutral colors are also something that everyone needs in their closet. They go with a lot of clothing items, and you can easily create multiple outfits. These basics include

-> A pair of jeans that fits you just perfectly. There is nothing better than a pair of well-fitted jeans to make you look great. Along with the number of tops, blouses, and shirts that you can pair with a single pair of jeans is mind-boggling. The kind of jeans depends on your style preference, and it could be anything from ripped to acid wash to a pair of skinny jeans.

-> Black tights that show off your toned legs. You can pair them with a tunic, under a mini skirt, and even under a short dress if you want.

-> The little black dress, without which a closet is not complete. Harper’s Bazaar UK has also picked this little beauty as part of ‘The 15 classic pieces every woman should own’. You can wear this dress with a shrug, leather jacket, under a coat, with a scarf and every time it’s a new you!

-> Pair of formal pants in charcoal gray. This color is the new black when it comes to formal trousers.


-> Pick something new

You’ve been shopping at all those sales, and you still have some pieces that haven’t made it to your Insta profile. Don’t use them all in one go. A good way to create a new look every time is by adding something new to it. It could be a big scarf or something subtle but visible like a belt. This little addition adds pizzazz to full outfits and elevates their style quotient.

You could play around with new accessories as well to give your outfits a different look. A new brooch added to a plain vanilla blouson instantly adds the chic factor to it. The footwear you pick with your outfit plays a key role in accentuating your look. So, what better than a new pair of suede boots to show off with your little black dress the next time you wear it.

-> Balance the fashion with comfort

women holding cameraWhatever ensemble you create for yourself, it must have some pieces that are chic as well as comfortable.

If you feel that the pencil skirt you have picked for the day is squeezing the life out of your butt, give yourself a little breathing space.

You can do this by balancing the tight fit of the skirt with a balloon top and comfortable ballerinas rather than toe-numbing pumps.

The whole idea behind looking at your best is to feel comfortable in whatever you are wearing.

Apply the same principle for your accessories as well since they are a part of your outfit. Pick one statement piece rather than adding too much bling.

A heavy neckpiece coupled with chandelier earrings will only make you feel weighed down.

-> Arrange the wardrobe

We bet this isn’t as simple as it sounds. Arranging a closet is a Herculean task in itself, and doing it according to color code is even tougher. But once done, not only does it make your life easy every morning, it shows you everything that you own; in all the shades. A color order in your closet will also help you in mixing the right tones of clothes.

-> Follow the trend and buck it too!

Stay ahead of the fashion game easily by reading up the outfit suggesstions on fashion blogs, magazines, and tutorials. Sometimes a new fashion trend maybe a piece that is stuffed right at the back of your closet but is now in vogue. At the same time, it’s good to buck the trend and go with your style; print on prints, stripes with a polka, but only if you can wear it with sass.

We know that all you lovely ladies out there get your outfits right almost all the time but, what we don’t want is for you to fret about it. Trust your innate feel and pick what you feel defines your style. Take some time to arrange your wardrobe over the weekend and make a place for your statement accessory pieces, accent color clothes, and classic or neutral colored essentials.

Not having these yet? Shop for these pieces and then some more. Reading up style tips on urban fashion blogs will also help you ace any look you curate for yourself. These tips will bust the myth that you need to break a bank shopping every time you want a new look.

When you dress to kill in a beautiful outfit, it gives you a shot of confidence, and you carry yourself with élan. They say clothes make a person but, what makes these clothes perfect is the art of choosing the right ones at the right time every single time you open your closet.

Once you have followed these tips every time you stand in front of your closet all you need to do is mumble the words ‘open sesame’ and you will have just the perfect outfit you want for the day.

Your Takeaway

As some sassy girl on the web said’ Life’s too short to wear boring clothes’. So jazz it up ladies and sizzle with your clothes every single day! Follow our latest Fashion blogs for some sassy fashion tips!